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Danielle, Urshi, and Minka's videos have been released

These following videos are published with Sidney Well's permission on the HCF site.  I believe these videos were shot with VHS tape, at a salon in Switzerland.  So the language in the video is not English.

Photos, video summary, and the preview clip can be found at

Danielle's Flat Top and Head Shave    VOD       http://store.haircuttingfun.com/index.php?recid=362
Danielle's Flat Top and Head Shave    DVD       http://store.haircuttingfun.com/index.php?recid=363
Urshi and Minka's Head Shaves            VOD      http://store.haircuttingfun.com/index.php?recid=364
Urshi and Minka's Head Shaves            DVD      http://store.haircuttingfun.com/index.php?recid=365