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new preview videos for photo sets

I uploaded three new photo-based preview clips last night on YouTube:

Preview video of Selena's Self Haircut and Head Shave Photos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDD-l_QHMvs

Preview clip of Kat Shaving Pistol Vegas Bald Photo Set https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weV-jEr5P0w

Preview clip of Kat Shaving her Face in Rollers Photo Set https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lQXkWinYMs

My video computer is down for now, so I am working on bringing it back to life.

head shaving photo sets and other shaving videos

As I am moving files, I've found some photos sets of women's head shaving, face shaving, and a roller set. I've put these and a few videos on Sellfy at:

168 Photos of Selena Shaving her Head Bald https://sellfy.com/p/13g5/
163 Photos of Kat shaving Pistol Vegas's head bald https://sellfy.com/p/d571/
92 photos of Leah's Foam Perm and Roller Set in Beauty Salon https://sellfy.com/p/P7Dk/
105 Photos of Kat Shaving her Face in Rollers https://sellfy.com/p/BtGh/
192 Photos of Kat's High and Tight in a Barber Shop https://sellfy.com/p/f9QX/
Kat's Big Hair Day https://sellfy.com/p/6oZo/
Caped Women Gone Wild https://sellfy.com/p/DsbB/
Angie's 1960s Big Hair - Roller Set and Style https://sellfy.com/p/yEaj/
Angie's Haircut at a Salon https://sellfy.com/p/dpgj/

Thank you, Jim, for the following links to hair themed stuff:

Dutch Dancer Bonnie Doets

Woman getting her face shaved in a barber shop

Woman shaves her head
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wet station

Yesterday I cleaned my wet station.  I think that the salon used to have smokers in it, because when I was washing the station, all this yellow stuff came off (nicotine).  The station has a white marble pattern, so the yellow isn't from paint!  I recognize the yellow residue from helping to clean a friend's apartment once when I was younger, and he was a smoker.   

The station is now cleaned.  I would like to get new knobs, and I need a new hinge for the shampoo bowl lid.  Some day I will need to replace the bowl too, but that and the knobs can wait.  I have the shower head soaking in a mug of vinegar to eat the calcium and lime buildup.  The buildup is almost gone.

Tomorrow I'm going to call about getting another estimate on having the shampoo bowl installed.  I have one estimate already.  And most importantly, I got the okay from my friend about installing this in her basement!

Currently I'm working on getting the Wig Shopping with Pistol Vegas video ready for the website.  I'll be making the preview clip sometime today.  

I've been thinking about making a slide show from Selena's head shave photo shoot.  She had waist-long hair and cut it all off herself, something she found empowering, she told us.  I'd add haircutting sounds, and photos of her before and after.  She also lotioned her bald head because she wanted to keep her skin healthy and smooth.  (Sometimes shaving can dry out the skin).  I probably won't get to this until January or February though...but we'll see.

Next year when my child is in school full-time, I will have more time to work on projects like this.