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Playboy video on how to shave your face. NSFW

A big thank you to E. for sending in this link to a Playboy video on how to shave your face.  It takes place in a barbershop.


In other news, the Sydney vod is currently rendering. Photos have been pulled. I'll have to work on everything during the week. Perhaps everything will be done by Wednesday night?

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photos of my salon visit at Carmen's Salon

This past Saturday, I visited Carmen's Salon www.carmenshair.com for a 1960's roller set and style, as I had a Halloween party to go to.  It was going to be an amazing party, so I wanted to look my best.  (A few days prior, I had stopped into Carmen's for a root touch up).

Here are the photos from my roller set.

Of course, when I was under the dryer, I painted my fingernails and toenails a pink shiny color to match my costume.

Me after Carmen brushed out the curls.

After this, Carmen pinned my hair up.  Then I went home, changed into my costume, and did my makeup.  The result?


Oh, how I would have loved to wear that costume and have my hair like that everyday!  (I think that I was born in the wrong era).

Photo taken by Mike Minehart