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Oster 79 clipper GPS vehicle

After weeks of working on it, the Oster 76 clipper vehicle is finally done.  I've sent it to http://www.vehiclesforgarminnuvi.com/   where they will host it on their website.  Once they have it up, I'll post again and let everyone know.

Otherwise, if you really can't wait, send me an email with the subject heading "I want that GPS Oster Clippers!" I'll send the .srf file to you.  Please don't ask me how to get it on your GPS though.  See that above mentioned website for instructions.  All the info is there.

The Oster 76 clippers has been already loaded to my GPS, and I will be buzzing through the streets all weekend.  So any email received will be responded to on Monday.  (Or can the iPhone act like a USB stick and hold other documents and files besides movies, audio, and photos?  I guess I'll try it.)
dryer, lady under dryer, haircuttingfun, salon, woman under dryer

capes and stuff

I've had a number of people ask me about buying custom capes.  Please contact Paul through


She can make you anything that you want.

Other stuff:

I'm running into a bit of difficulty making the Oster clippers GPS vehicle.  I hope to work on it more tomorrow. 

I found a very talented artist to finish up the gift tags that I'll be giving away come November.  Her name is Emily and her website is http://emchez.com/

Her work is amazing.  I wish that I could draw like that.  :)

dryer, lady under dryer, haircuttingfun, salon, woman under dryer

preview photo from Shana and Kristi's Bob Haircuts video

Here's another one, a bit artistic, imho

I pan out from this shot, to see that her hair is being combed back. 

I'm now 47 minutes into this video now. 

In other news, I'm still working on the Oster clippers GPS vehicle.  I hope to finish it maybe over the weekend or so?  I got a nice start on the paper doll, but then found that a graphic tablet would make things a lot easier.  I'll work on that one later.
dryer, lady under dryer, haircuttingfun, salon, woman under dryer


I've finished authoring Kat's Hair Conditioning and Roller Set DVD.  I've watched the video a bit on the TV screen, and the 3CCD footage isn't as bad as I thought.  :)   This video will be released this Wednesday.

I've started the next video project in my video editing software.  This will be two bob haircuts for one single $20.  I hope to work on this video featuring Shana and Kristi this week.

Kristi was heavily pregnant when this video was shot summer of 2010.  I wonder how she's doing now....

Anyway, after two months of hiring/firing designers, I finally got the 3D model of an Oster 76 clippers created.  (I tried making it myself in Google SketchUp, got a bit done, but found that I just didn't have the time to fully learn the software to create something awesome in a short amount of time). 

With this part done, I will learn the three other software to make this model into a GPS "vehicle."  How cool is that?  Instead of the mundane vehicle the Garmin Nuvi GPS comes with, you can clipper down the road with an Oster electric clippers instead! 

I'm also working on some other fun things for the HCF website.  I won't go into details just yet.  I want to get at least a good amount done before I reveal anything else.

Let's see how big and fun we can make HaircuttingFun this year!

dryer, lady under dryer, haircuttingfun, salon, woman under dryer

preview photo from Kat's Conditioning and Roller Set

Here's a photo that I pulled from Kat's Hair Conditioning and Roller Set video:

I'm approx. 18 minutes into this video.  I believe that this video is roughly three hours long...at least in raw footage anyway.  There are three cameras total.  Two of those are HD.  This camera angle is from a CCCD digital camera.

I finished creating the advent calendar date boxes the other day.  Now I've got to work on getting photos of women with awesome hairstyles.  This will be easier during summer.

I'm in the process of hiring a different graphics designer for the hair-themed gift tags that will be given away on the site this December.  If my illustration/drawing skills were good, I'd do it myself. 

The last thing that I'm working on (for now), is a "vehicle" for the Garmin GPS unit.  It'll be basic, but still quite fun, if all turns out well.  I'll be keeping my fingers (and scissors!) crossed!