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Bald female ghost in new Ghostbusters movie?

I have always love the Ghostbusters and still have many of the toys from the 1980s. My favorites were the ghosts themselves. Thus, when I found mystery bags of Ghostbusters mini figures at Toys R Us (Wal-Mart had them too), I was surprised that one of the ghosts was of a bald woman. (Just another reason to see this movie).

Of course, I bought one.

I think that they should still be in stores, as these are new.

Now in case you like a bit more hair, here is an article in Vogue about celebrities with short hair. (Thanks, Jim, for the article!)

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busy day tomorrow

Tomorrow I'll be shooting a couple of videos at the Chiseler barbershop in the morning. These videos will show off their special straight-edge razor technique.  The videos will go up on their youtube page once I have the videos ready...which may be awhile as I have so much footage to edit already.

Later that evening, Carmen, my cat Nights, and I will be attending a Ghosbustin' 911 video location shoot, as we all have some minor parts to play.  Once the episode that we're in becomes available, I'll announce it here (you can always check on their website as well).  I'll be wearing thigh highs and a black dress that Paul bought me.  Thank you, sweetie! 

Oh, and I'll be wearing a very long brunette wig too.  Some of you may have already seen it on my myspace page.

Several people have asked about my progress on the Karissah video.  I have been making postings on my twitter page, see the TWITTER link in the menu page on the HCF site.  Currently I'm at the hour and 32 minute mark.  Her nape hairline is slowly rising.

Tomorrow I'll also be making a stop by the orthodontist to have my lower chain replaced.  It snapped last week, and since the chain was digging into my cheek, I had my hubby cut some of the plastic off.  The orthodontist may not like that, but the wax did not help.  I can't wait to have these braces totally off the first week of October.  :D
dryer, lady under dryer, haircuttingfun, salon, woman under dryer

items for sale, ghostbusters, webcam, etc

The shelving has been installed, and I will be having more shelving installed next week!

But I still won't have enough room unless I sell some stuff. 

Here's what I have to sell:

I have both sizes of Spoolies, green and pink.  The green ones were used in the Jenny's Spoolie video,.

Lots of wooden perm rods.  These were used in my afro perm video.  There are two different sets - one with the black rubber band and the others with thin rope to hold the hair in place on the rod.

Several packages of blue brush rollers - vintage packaging, never removed from packaging.

Leather bendies -- very very old.

Pink and baby blue rubber perm rods, which I believe were used on dolls in the 1950s.

White & brown cloth covered wires -- very very old.

Brand new Fantastic Hair  100% Human Hair  6" Extensions Golden Blonde kit.  These have hair clips.

I'll have to take a photo of all this later.

The webcam does work and the lightening that was installed is fine.  I'm planning on starting the show around 9:30 am, but it may start as late as 10 am as the models have to get ready, and we shoot a bit up in the studio before going into the salon area.  There will be two models tomorrow.  One a head shave and the other a short haircut.  I will announce in chat when the shoot is over, so if you don't see anyone in the salon, it probably means we're just upstairs.  (Please do not IM/PM me.  Why?  1. I won't be there to respond!  2. When I am there, the IM/PMs really destract me, so I don't like it.  I will ignore all IM/PMs.  Let's chat in the chat room instead, okay?).

Sometime within a few months, I will be in an episode of Ghostbustin' 911.  I already know my part...and for it, I will be wearing a wig.  To learn more about this tv show, check out www.ghostbustin911.com

I'm really hoping that by the end of next week, I can start editing the Karissah video again.  :)  I'm eager to get back to work on that fun video, but I need to finish this other video first.