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HaircuttingFun.com Blog by Katherine

website & video updates, photos, and other musings

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6 June 1980
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I am Katherine Surth and I am a webmistress of several websites. One of which is http://www.haircuttingfun.com This website features women´s haircutting, hair coloring, and hair perming videos. My wish is to create fun and interesting videos for those stylists, barbers, and those who wish to learn more about what can be done hair.

Because I am not a professional stylist, I hire stylists and barbers. This way the model gets a wonderful haircut, perm, color, etc that makes her look and feel great. Barbers and stylists who are interested in showing off their talent, and who work in the Minneapolis area, please contact me.

I am always looking for women to be in these videos too. Please see the model for us page on the website for projects that we are working on.

Other information about me: I am a mother of a wonderful son and a wife to a fantastic man. I have two cats, which I also consider part of the family.

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