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Just released - Veronica's Hair Braiding and Haircut video! This video can be purchased at https://sellfy.com/p/dvEu/

To view the preview clip, check out https://youtu.be/6l9xTzrwlLM

And check out photos from this video

Here's the video's description

Veronica wears a pretty floral dress and talks to Kat about her hair expriences. Her raven locks reach currently passed her butt. She feels that her hair has gotten too heavy and could be the cause of her headaches. Although she's ready for this haircut, a haircut a little past her shoulders, Veronica is very nervous. But before her very long hair is chopped shorter, she braids her hair into double dutch braids. She shakes the braids out and then displays the length of her hair. Soon Veronica takes a seat in the salon chair, where she is covered with a pink cape and her hair is brushed out. James, the stylist, puts her hair into a ponytail and cuts the ponytail off with a scissors. James combs her hair into section, and then using a scissors and a scissors, he trims up her hair, making it even all around. Watch as hair falls and hits the ground.

*Unfortunately, the coffee shop next door decided to do some contruction work, which can be heard in the background. Veronica is also a quiet speaker.

Screen size 1920x1080, duration 43 minutes, .wmv format

The countdown to my haircut has begun!

I'm working with a barbershop where I can film my haircut. We've settled on shooting (and haircutting!) on April 22nd.

I am so excited! My pesky long hair is down to bra length and the finished haircut should be quite tight and sleek. And once I get home, I'm going to color it red. (I thought about coloring it before the haircut, but with the blue already in my hair, a stylist told me that the colors mixed will look like mud).

I've started the countdown to my haircut at https://www.timeanddate.com/counters/fullscreen.html?mode=m&iso=20190422T13&year=2019&month=4&day=22&hour=13&min=0&sec=0&p0=159&msg=Kat%27s%20haircut%20at%20the%20barberhop

I hope to keep the upcoming haircut for awhile. If my resulting haircut is anything like the photos on their shop page, I'm in for a treat!

meet our newest hair model - Veronica!

I'm currently editing Veronica's haircut video. She came to us with her long locks down to her butt. Her ending haircut was a pageboy haircut just past her shoulders.

This video will be released on Friday.
An old friend of mine created his own YouTube channel dedicated to roller sets and extreme shampooing. So far, he has full-length videos on there. You can find that channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCNKLZRvR4nggKJKBhQeAFg

The Mistress stylist in one of the videos has her own YouTube channel (and domme hair salon) at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZwOawC_GYhXvY7iC9AZFqQ Warning - videos may be too risque for work.

got my hair done

Before I get most of my hair chopped off, I wanted to have one more roller set and updo done. I visited a salon for a vintage updo. After a shampoo, they set my hair in magnetic rollers, and I sat under the dryer for at least an hour. The resulting style was fine. It definitely wasn't up to what Carmen can do. I think for awesome roller sets with a variety of capes used, I think I'll stick with Carmen. Here are some photos from Friday -

Lisa is making some big life changes, and one of those is cutting her very long hair to a chin length bob. Watch her full video to see this entire transformation. She looks amazing with her new, more professional look. Digital video can be purchased at https://sellfy.com/p/wHne/

Video teaser at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4q7oLyjzlfE

Photos from this video

Video description
Wearing a red skirt, black blouse, black stockings, and black ankle boots, Lisa sits on the couch with her red, waist-long hair resting on the arm rest. Kat interviews her regarding her upcoming hair transformation - a chin length bob! Lisa wraps her hair into a messy bun, one last time.She shakes her hair out of the bun and then it's time for the major haircut! Lisa takes a seat in the salon chair. The stylist, James, covers her with a black nylon cape and wraps her neck with a neckstrip. After letting down her hair, James brushes through her long hair. He gathers it into a hand-held ponytail and cuts it off with a large scissors.When he shows the ponytail to Lisa. Upon seeing it, Lisa says, "I'm just scared."

James sprays Lisa's remaining hair with water. Once the hair is damp, James combs her hair into sections and clips them up and out of the way. Using a comb and a scissors, James cuts away the bulk. He uses a thinning shears in the back to add layers. After the scissors action, James brushes Lisa's hair out to let those natural curls shine. He removes the cape and neckstrip, and then dusts off Lisa's shoulders and back.Lisa's salon chair is turned to the mirror and she sees her haircut for the first time. She loves it!

approx. 45 minutes, .wmv format, screen size 1920x1080

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Enjoy today's edition of hair in the news. These links to hair articles are send in by Scott. Thank you, Scott!

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Enjoy today's edition of hair in the news. Thank you, Scott, for the links!

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Lisa video release next Friday!

Lisa's video is around 45 minutes long. I'll be working on her preview clip next. For now, here's another photo from her upcoming video, which will be released next Friday, the 15th.


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