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hair reactions from friends

After several months, I finally had a beer with some old friends. The last time they saw me, I had long blonde hair. They were shocked when I walked in with incredibly short red hair. "You went short again!" Yes, these friends had seen me bald before many years ago. :)

One gal went to the bar and ordered a drink. While she waited, she called me over. "How in hell do you look good in every hairstyle? I can't be friends with someone like you."

I laughed. Carmen used to tell me that I was a skinny bitch and she couldn't be friends with a skinny bitch.

I replied, "It's only because my mom took care to roll me around so my head didn't flatten on one side." I made a gesture of some sort regarding my head and smiled. I told her that I had a design on the side of my head, but my hair has grown back.

"No, you didn't!"

So I pulled up my Instagram and showed her a few photos.

"That's sexy as f*ck!"

At this time, one of our guy friends peered over my shoulder. "I never had a thing for short haired girls before, but damn!"

Then I showed him the one where I had a beard. He was blown away how hot that was and we continued the conversation, which I no longer remember. Yep, a single beer got me as I rarely drink anymore.

Oh, earlier in the week, one of my bosses who came back from a trip had to ask the other higher ups where I was and who the new hire was. lol. He was shocked. I told him that I may do a flat top, just to prepare him. All he could say was "wow" before walking away.

another photo sneak peak

Happy Friday!

First, I believe that every Friday of May, I have been posting a video on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/user/baldchick

I'll think I can continue that through June. :)

Next, I have nearly finished the first round of editing Caroline's bob haircut video. Here's a photo sneak peak

I hope to release it by the end of the month. Early June, at the latest.


more hair reactions

From my last hair reaction post, remember the one co-worker who gave me the side-eye and refused to say anything to me? Well, it turns out that she loved my new style so much that she tried to have a hair stylist re-create it with her daughter...but failed. She told me this after asking me where I got my hair done. When I told her that I went to a barber because most hair stylists aren't trained with various clippers, she sighed. She had gone to a salon who gave her daughter the hard part on the wrong side too. I assured her that hair grows back, and when it does, they ought to give a barber shop a try.

Yep, that was interesting. I wasn't expecting that at all.

I've had a female co-worker ask if she could touch my hair. "I've been spying it across the room. Can I please touch it?" I said sure, and she rubbed it a bit. When I saw her looking a little embarrassed after that, I told her that I love feeling it all the time too. "It's so floofy." And then I ran my hands up and down the back.

Various gals whom I don't know have come up to me in the break room or down the halls to remark on my hairstyle.

I think I'm going to keep it this way for awhile. =D

editing Caroline's haircut video

I've started editing Caroline's haircut video. She comes to us with long brunette hair. She has her pre-hair cut interview wearing a yellow blouse and jeans. She changes into a white blouse, leather skirt, and fishnet pantyhose for the haircut.

Why I cut my hair

People online keep asking me why I cut my hair so short. I guess they don't keep up on my YouTube videos where I've mentioned it many times before. http://www.youtube.com/baldchick

I'll state the reasons here for an easy copy and pasting of the url. :)

Reason One & the Main Reason
My hair was severely damaged by so many bleachings, colorings, hot dryers, and Minnesota winters, I just needed to cut my hair and start over. (There is a YouTube video where I show off and cut my split ends).

No hair conditioners or masks could save my hair, I tried. Sadly, my hair was loosing its elasticity and refused to hold color. It was just too porous.

After the last coloring, some hair that did not take color fell out and looked like it had the texture of way over-boiled pasta. So gross.

Reason Two
I was bored with my long hair. With no time to do anything with it, why bother to have long hair? Also, my hair kept getting in my way - getting stuck on my lip gloss and getting caught in things, such as the seat belt return. Frustrating.

Reason Three
My hair was never supposed to get that long anyway. But my mom passed away last year. With all the grief and dealing with probate stuff, I didn't make time for myself to do anything with it or take care of it. My plan was to keep my hair shoulder length, but by the time that I felt better, my hair was too damaged to cut it to shoulder length and enjoy it.

Reason Four
I look amazing with extremely short hair.

I believe that covers it. I plan on keeping my hair short for awhile. There's still some hair on top that is damaged. I'll let it grow a bit before cutting it again. I will not be bleaching my hair ever again. I will still color it from time to time. The next color will be red.

reactions to my haircut

First, if you want to see six photos from the video shoot, you'll want to click and swipe right through the photos on the barbershop's Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/p/Bwk2b26HPeK/ If you like the set, please give him a like. :)

Now, to the reactions to my new haircut. I will shoot a video of this to add to the edited haircut video, but for now....

When my husband first saw me, he told me that I went too short and that he hated it. He pretended to cry and he called me a lesbian. I laughed and I told him that I'm still bi, but keep it up and I'll fully switch teams. ;) The next morning, I did slick my hair down and comb it over, which made it more business-like. I asked if this was better, and he agreed.

I wore a turtle neck, leather vest, and long silver earrings and went to work. I had several co-workers timidly approach me at first, as they didn't know if I was a new hire or not, and when they realized it was me, it was hilarious. I think they were more excited about my haircut than me! Big smiles and saying how amazing that I looked. One guy called me "bad ass." Another gal said I was now very edgy.

There was one co-worker who was not happy about how I looked though. I don't care for her myself as she is a big gossip and a couple of other things that I won't get into. She gave me the side eye and refused to say anything to me. (She, unfortunately, sits right next to me). I just grinned and tried to keep the laughter to myself. :D

I have some video shoots planned this weekend, some of which will be posted on my YouTube channel probably next month. Be sure to subscribe to be notified when they have been posted or when I do a YouTube Live http://www.youtube.com/baldchick

If you love my haircut and want to see more, I model and take selfies from time to time and post them on my Instagram page at https://www.instagram.com/katsurth/

If there are additional photos from the photo set that turned out well, I tend to put those on my Patreon site at https://www.patreon.com/katsurth

As for my hair, I do plan on keeping it awhile. I'd need to visit a barbershop. When I do that, I'll see if I can film a video and post that on YouTube. I'd like to visit various cool barbershops in the Twin Cities, and I already have one in mind.

I got a haircut yesterday

I visited a unique barbershop a few hours away from the Cities yesterday for a very short haircut (faded sides, design on one side, hard part, faux hawk). It was filmed and live streamed. More info at https://www.patreon.com/posts/my-haircut-to-be-26044957

I did a couple of live streams for Patreon, right before the haircut, where I talked about my excitement for the upcoming haircut and getting myself ready. :) I also live streamed it, but with the weather, the live stream was interrupted and cut off halfway through. As a piece offering, I'm currently rendering footage from the main video camera and will be making that downloadable to the Patreon supporters as detailed in the link above. That video is unedited, besides trimming at the beginning to get to the start of the action. It will be posted there with in the next few days.

I will be posting more photos there too. (There's already a couple on there so far. More will be posted soon).

But! Remember, I did film this haircut too. I will be creating an edited version in late May or June. I have Caroline's haircut video and Kelsey's haircut video to edit and release first. If you like seeing exclusive content and getting a peek before others, you can check out my Patreon page. If you don't mind waiting for the edited version, that's great too. :)

I will be posting a couple of photos of my newest haircut on my Instagram pages tomorrow at


Once I start editing this haircut video, I'll post photos from that here on this blog.

In other news, I haven't had a chance to color my hair red yet. I hope to soon. I did buy some red hair extensions for those times when I miss the long hair, or I just want to have a little fun.
Happy Saturday! I've just released Lucy's Long Hair to Short Haircut's video. It can be purchased at https://sellfy.com/p/8D32/

You can find the preview clip for Lucy's video at https://youtu.be/RMeKXLG4rEQ

Here are the photos from this video

Here's the video's description

Lucy, dressing fashionable in a white leather skirt, patterned pantyhouse, and gray long-sleeve blouse has blonde, waist-long hair. She wants something shorter and "more fun." She is excited and eager to have most of her hair cut off. She quietly tells Kat about her hair and her hair experiences. She braids her hair for the last time before the big haircut. After braiding, Lucy shakes her hair out and tosses it around a bit. Soon, Jim the stylist sections up part of her hair and sprays it down with water. He starts combing the hair out when he realizes that he forgot the cape. He covers Lucy with a darker pink nylon cape, warps a neck strip around her neck, and snaps the cape's button shut. Jim combs her the hair in the back a few more times. He grabs a hair cutting shears and hacks at a hand-held ponytail. Lucy asks to hold this loose bundle of hair while a few photos are taken.

Once the back is basically done, each section is dropped, combed out, sprayed with water, and cut with a scissors. Hair piles up on the floor. Hair later covers the soles of Lucy's feet as she moves her feet around on the floor. A clippers cleans up Lucy's nape. She's never felt the clippers before today. Jim uses a thinning shears to finish up the haircut. He dusts her off with a black duster and blow dries her hair. After the cape has been removed, Lucy talks about how happy she is with her new haircut. And she has plans for her new haircut too. Until then, she's going to keep playing with her hair.

Duration 40 minutes, screen size 1920x1080, format .wmv

"Swimmey Texture"
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Lucy's wondering...

In the next video, just before the haircut is to begin, Lucy's expression seems to be asking herself, 'Do I really want to go through with this haircut?'

She does lose most of the length.

more vintage manuals added

While looking through my hair stuff, I found a couple of old hair instructional manuals. One for Tap-Teaser (1996) and one for a portable GE hair dryer (1984). Those have been added to my how-to instruction manual collection at https://www.pinterest.com/katsurth/instruction-manuals-to-vintage-antique-beauty-hair/

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