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I'll be working on the full video shot with cameras of my barbershop haircut as soon as I finish Kelsey's haircut video. I have finished the first round of editing and am now going over it the second time before rendering it. I hope to release Kelsey's video next week or so?

I have plans to cut my hair shorter, again. (There's a fun event that I want to show off my new look at. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to be notified of new hair photos https://www.instagram.com/katsurth/). I will video my haircut and put that on YouTube at some point. Be sure to subscribe and click on the notifications button to be alerted immediately when I post new videos on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/baldchick

I feel like my current style has overgrown, but people are still complimenting me on it. The last time I was antique shopping, I found a red straight-edge razor. (I love how it pairs well with one of my shaving brushes). I am eager to try this razor out very soon. =D

I hope to start working on my garage studio soon. A big thank you to my Patreon supporters (https://www.patreon.com/katsurth). Without their support, I wouldn't be posting my haircut on YouTube. Or turning my garage into a studio so I can create new videos easier.

new face shaving video

Check out my latest YouTube video where I turned a creepy razor into a nice straight-edge razor and used the giant prop to shave my face! https://youtu.be/Who5Cz75SYg

Reasons why I hate my long hair video

Awhile back, when I had long hair, I created a video to showcase many of the reasons why I hated my long hair. You'll find it on YouTube at https://youtu.be/HfqMclKJyj0

A special Thank You goes to Matthew for helping me with the remaining shots at Ikea. Be sure to check out his YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/BestEdmontonMall

A little background on the above statement - I helped him shoot one of his videos too. Watch for the one for the Mall of America sometime in the future. :)

Happy birthday!

Update: YouTube abandoned processing the video to their website. I have re-rendered it using another codec and made the screen size smaller. Hopefully, this will allow the video to upload. (6/11)

Today's my birthday, yay! Currently, overnight I've been uploading an old video of me where I'm getting a real perm and having my hair colored orange. It's a four-hour video, which is probably the reason why it's only at 47% uploaded as of 5:39 am this morning.

The link to this video is https://youtu.be/-kFS1n4QZPk If you receive an error, give it a few more hours. It'll probably be up by tonight, fingers crossed.

The audio seems a bit off in the beginning. I used a different software back in 2009, so importing footage from the DVD into my latest software didn't have the results that I would have liked. But I think it only affects the first 24/25 minutes.

editing Kelsey's video

Change of plans, as Kelsey would like to get a copy of her video. I had start editing my barber shop video and am 27 minutes into that. I will get back to editing it after I release Kelsey's haircut video. :)

Here is Kelsey

She wants a much shorter hairstyle for a professional look. What does she get? Stay tuned!


Happy Saturday! I've just released Caroline's Long Brunette Hair to Bob Haircut's video. It can be purchased at https://sellfy.com/p/EfV0/

You can find the preview clip for Caroline's video at https://youtu.be/NqhxExf9T98

Here are the photos from this video. Remember that clicking on the photo will enlarge it.

Video description

Caroline, dressed in jeans, boots, and a yellow blouse has long brunette hair down to her mid-back. She decided that it's time for something more office appropriate - a chin-length angled bob. Sitting in a black scooped bar stool, she talks about her hair experiences. One of the topics that Caroline covered is the various ways that she would braid her hair. She said that the fishtail braid is her favorite. She then braids her long hair into a fishtail braid. After shaking the braid out and showing off her hair length, Caroline changes into a vintage white ruffle blouse, leather skirt, and Gothic fishnet pantyhose.

Before the haircut, the hair stylist tries out two different color capes on Caroline, to see which looks best on her and which bests contrasts with her hair color. After trying both the bright pink and lavender nylon salon capes, Kat recommends the pink one for Caroline. After caping Caroline, the hair stylist wraps a neck strip around her neck. Once he lets her hair down to prepare for the upcoming haircut, Caroline appears nervous and skeptical.

The hair stylist brushes out her hair and then gathers it into a ponytail. He secures her ponytail with two hair binders before turning on the pink Oster hair clippers and shearing above them. He shows her her ponytail. Caroline looks surprised and grins. She did it! The hair stylist sprays down her hair and combs it back with a wide-tooth comb. He sections and clips her hair. Using another comb, he begins cutting, trimming, and shaping her hair into an inverted angled bob with a haircutting scissors. He also uses a Fromm razor with a guard too.

Caroline is given bangs/fringe with the razor. Using a blow dryer and a round brush, the stylist dries and styles her hair. He shaves her nape with a portal clippers and dusts her off with a black duster brush.He hands her a mirror and she smiles. She loves her new look.

Duration approx. 43 minutes, screen size 1920 x 1280, format .wmv
If you've wondered what kind of hairstyles that I can create with my extremely short hair, you're in luck! While in the shower, I slick my wet hair a few ways. https://youtu.be/a3T1cb8HIdI

In other updates, I'm currently getting ready to release Caroline's bob haircut video. I just need to work on creating the preview clip. I think that once I have the preview clip done, I'll release this video. I hope to do this very soon.

hair in the news

Enjoy today's hair in the news. A big thank you to Scott,

Allure: 8 Modern Haircut Ideas That Work Brilliantly for Asian Hair Types

Pope urges barbers and hair stylists not to gossip / Boing Boing

Marvel Cinematic Universe Hairstyles: A Complete Taxonomy

Ellen DeGeneres's Hair Is Falling Out, Thanks to a Bad Colorist - Allure
https://May 2 at 9:37 AM https://www.allure.com/story/ellen-degeneres-hair-falling-out-breakage-bad-colorist

Chaka Khan Used Fabric Dye To Get Her Iconic Red Hair Color

The Sand Hair Color Trend Is This Summer's Most Beachy Look, & It Couldn't Be More Low-Maintenance

Ellen DeGeneres Forced to Get New 'Do After Hair Coloring Nightmare

Elite Daily: I Shaved Off All My Hair & I Am So Happy I Did It

Allure: Meet Color&Co, the L'Oréal Start-Up That Lets You Video Chat with a Hair Colorist

TODAY: Judge Judy says her new hairstyle is 'here to stay'

Between Friends comic strip

I saw this comic strip of Between Friends by Sandra Bell Lundy in the Sunday paper on May 26, 2019. It has a hair theme that many hair stylists can relate to. :)

hair reactions from friends

After several months, I finally had a beer with some old friends. The last time they saw me, I had long blonde hair. They were shocked when I walked in with incredibly short red hair. "You went short again!" Yes, these friends had seen me bald before many years ago. :)

One gal went to the bar and ordered a drink. While she waited, she called me over. "How in hell do you look good in every hairstyle? I can't be friends with someone like you."

I laughed. Carmen used to tell me that I was a skinny bitch and she couldn't be friends with a skinny bitch.

I replied, "It's only because my mom took care to roll me around so my head didn't flatten on one side." I made a gesture of some sort regarding my head and smiled. I told her that I had a design on the side of my head, but my hair has grown back.

"No, you didn't!"

So I pulled up my Instagram and showed her a few photos.

"That's sexy as f*ck!"

At this time, one of our guy friends peered over my shoulder. "I never had a thing for short haired girls before, but damn!"

Then I showed him the one where I had a beard. He was blown away how hot that was and we continued the conversation, which I no longer remember. Yep, a single beer got me as I rarely drink anymore.

Oh, earlier in the week, one of my bosses who came back from a trip had to ask the other higher ups where I was and who the new hire was. lol. He was shocked. I told him that I may do a flat top, just to prepare him. All he could say was "wow" before walking away.

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