haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

shampoo bowl

It took some blood (real blood as I cut myself twice), but the shampoo bowl is finished!  Here's a couple of quick photos of it:


I was hoping to recreate the 1920's look.  I have a similar design on my large station mirror that was made in the 1920's.  

Forgive the cluttered background.  The curtain was not up when these photos were taken.

On a different topic, I finished editing the Barber Barberette video, and have sent a copy for the barber to review.  I think people will really enjoy this film.  It was very fun to film and edit.  

And I learned a lot from watching myself and the barber in how the hot towel is used, that I should pump up the chair more often, and small things like that.  From understanding and learning from this film, I can do better the next time....and this is what these videos are about.  You really do learn a lot from watching others.  :)
Tags: barber barberette, beauty salon, photo, shampoo bowl

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