haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

perm rods removed

I finished this video last week:

This video will be this year's holiday giveaway.  :)    (So you have to wait until November to get this video free with other video purchase).

Currently I'm working on the burlesque Lion's Cabaret Show.  I should have it done within the next few days.  Afterwards, I'll start editing the footage shot from when Trish & I were at the Sunday Bloody Sunday radio show.  See the "Sunday Bloody Sunday" tag for details.

Because of me getting overheated the other day, the Too Hot for Hair Show, and me trying to finish editing videos and photo sets, I'm a bit behind in emails.  I'll get to them all within the next few days.

So, anyway, expect a few photos from the burlesque show here.  And a preview clip too.  :)

Tags: burlesque show, photo, sunday bloody sunday, video editing

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