haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

Too Hot for Hair Show is today!

Today is the Too Hot for Hair Show.  I'm very excited, and am looking forward to getting my head shaved again.  :)  One of the barbers at the Chiseler will be doing it, as I promised to film one of the Chiseler's barbers as part of the deal of them letting me used their awesome shop.  

The show starts at 1 pm today...and that's the time we'll also be setting up!  I got heat exhaustion yesterday, so that pretty much stopped me from doing anything else.  I feel much better today, but have to take breaks a bit more often.

Anyway, I'll be leaving here around noon or so, so if someone should make a donation, print out the receipt and bring it with you to the show.  I will NOT have access to a computer while I'm at the Chiseler.  Remember, the show will be taking place at the Chiseler (see previous entry) and not my shop.

And yes, you can always make a donation when you arrive too.  Someone had asked that.  There will be a barber pole jar for donations.

Now I'm off to choose an outfit.  I was planning on wearing a pink corset, white dress blouse, black tie and black skirt, but after yesterday, I'm going to be dressing much lighter.
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