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more updates

The other day I bought white enamel paint for my barber chair.  Somewhere around the house are several yards of black leather.  When I have some time, I'll be restoring my barber chair to it's original appearance.  :)

Soon I'll be updating my editing software to Pinnacle 12.  Pinnacle 11 seems to have stopped working for me...but luckily after I finished the Giselle video!  (Whew!)

Today one of the models for the Too Hot for Hair Show backed out.  Good news is that she was the one who wanted the bob.  The other two for the head shave are still in and ready to go!  

A new casting call has been posted for the other two models.

I am *really* hoping that we get some more attendees, especially those experienced in cutting hair.  Since the main barber who was going to do the cuts is out of town, I have no barber.  If nothing else, I can ask Carmen to do all the cuts, but, I think that she'd rather just enjoy the show.  If there's a barber who's planning on attending, but hasn't spoken to me yet, *please* send me an email asap!   
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