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barber barberette video

I'm working on the latest video: a barber barberette video.  There is a story line with this video, something fun we put together when the two hair models never showed up.  Since the barber gets paid anyway, we thought we would do something while the scene was set up.

Here's the story line:  a barber and a barberette are in the shop, waiting for some customers to show up.  The barberette is bored and for something to do, she suggests that he shaves her nape.  Once done, both suggest a nice face shaving.  Just when the barberette thinks she's done, the barber shaves off her eyebrows -- so she no longer has to worry about plucking for awhile and this will keep her from coming in late to work .  

No customers have arrived at this point, so the barberette suggests the barber have a seat in the chair and offers him a nape and face shave.  

                                                                  *                                      *                                      *

I'm about halfway through this film.  I would like to make it available by the end of the month.  :)

I've been thinking of trying to have a standard VOD and DVD price for my films (the ones that I'm working on now and those in the future).  I'm open for suggestions.  I've been thinking $18 per VOD, and $26 per DVD.  

Someone told me that the Amanda vod freezes when the first braid is being cut off.  So I will be re-making the vod, and it should be up by late tonight.  I apologize for the inconvience.  I do appreciate people letting me know when something needs to be corrected.

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