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workin', workin', workin'

As the Gisella Spiral Perm video is being rendered, I am plowing my way through my mountain of emails.  One theme that has popped up is those who wish to share private photos with me.  Yes, you can send me private photos of yourself if you wish.  As always, I delete the photos after viewing them, so you never have to worry about them showing up on the internet.

If you want me to post your photos, just say that you are giving me permission to post.  Otherwise, they will just be deleted.  I will never ask for permission to post as I would never want to put someone in an awkward position, if they never wanted their photos to be shared by the world.  

Emails are the same way too.  I delete about 97% of all emails that I receive.  I keep those requesting certain wind up patterns/haircuts/etc in videos.  So to make things easier for me, when replying, please include the last couple of emails so I can follow what's going on.  I get tons of email daily and so many people have the same name, that it's sometimes difficult to remember everyone.  So please don't be insulted if I have to ask more info because you didn't include previous correspondence.


Back to the Gisella video, I hope to have it available and on the HCF site by August 1st.

Six days until the Too Hot for Hair Event! 

Here is the exact countdown:


It's going to be awesome!  Clippers, barber chair, and gorgeous models.  What's not to love?

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