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i can't believe my eyes!

Today we shot a very long video today.  It starts off with me in a wig (yes, that was me, and yes, I'm still bald!), getting a phone call from my partner telling me that he closed on the Markus account.  So since he didn't need me, I could go home early.  I go home to find a woman in my bedroom.  Giving her two choices - for me to tell her friends and family about her affair OR to get a special hairstyle from my friend's salon.  

My webcam was on during all of this.  Because models, actresses, and stylists are real people, breaks were taken so people could stay refreshed.  (Thank you to those who realized this and explained it for those who didn't.)

After part of the video was shot, and while Mistress Bee was under the dryer for the next part of the video, I hopped on the webcam page to make sure that the webcam was working.  It was.  But then I read some of the PMs and comments left in the chat room, and I was disgusted.  People told me that the webcam was "boring" and that I "should have streaming webcam."  

If the webcam is boring, please don't watch, and please don't make nasty comments like that because I'm sure that there are others who DID enjoy the show.  The webcam is free.  The archived photos are free.  There are several reasons why I don't have streaming webcam.  Here they are:

1.)  My software doesn't work properly to stream webcam
2.)  I don't think my webcam thingie is good enough quality for streaming  (it was made back in 2001/2002)
3.)  I'm not sure how to get streaming webcam on my site.  It requires a different code than I have now, I don't know how to do the new code.
4.)  Would anyone buy the actual VOD/DVD if they saw the streaming video?

If those people, and you know who you are, want me to have streaming webcam on my site, then buy me the proper webcam and software.  Tell me exactly how to make it available on my website.  And because of #4, webcam will no longer be free, but a paid viewing.

After I saw those comments, I ended the show.  I would have shown Mistress Bee under the dryer and then taking out her curlers, but no.  For those who complained, give yourselves a pat on the back.


One sweetie send me an email after the webcam show.  He made an animated gif from some of the photos.  See, he wasn't bored.  :)  And I'm sharing it with you all:


This was put together by the guy who owns the HTTP://shf.czweb.ch/ website.  Thank you!

Now I'm off to clean up my shop and to cool down.  By tomorrow I'll be my old cheery self again, and I'll write more about today's shoot then.


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Jul. 26th, 2008 08:43 am (UTC)
Sorry to hear that people are treating you this way. I just don't get people who complain about such things. Why must people complain when something is free. Are these people offering to do a better job? Do they have a salon with a webcam? Can they get models?
I didn't see the show. But I appreciate that it was available for free.

This kinda sounds like the grasshopper and ant story. The ant is doing all the farm work and sharing food with the lazy grasshopper. Now the grasshopper has the nerve to complain that there's no steak to go with the free buffet.
Jul. 27th, 2008 12:35 pm (UTC)
as I have learned from you (and from life in general), you can not please everyone.
And for those who complain.
Shame on you.
as Kat says.... If you do not like it.... do not watch it.
NO ONE is FORCING you to watch it. Who said that your comments are even wanted? Ever think of that?
Everything is much better when you are not being pissy about it.

Oh and one more thing...
I do not know what was said, nor do I think that I want to, but with all of the HARD work that Kat and everyone involved puts into these videos...
Would you have the balls to complain to her face? Or hiding behind a keyboard and letting your fingers do the complaining, well, yes, I can see where the ego comes from.
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