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After my head shave, we decided that more room was needed in my salon.  A table and a bunch of stuff was moved out.  I began painting that wall until I ran out of paint.  I purchased another can yesterday.

A few more hooks were installed, with more needing to be installed soon.  I purchased an old rotary phone a few months back, and I thought that would be a perfect fit too.  That will *hopefully* be installed tonight.

Now I'm just trying to find my whip.  I've been looking all over for it.  It's around here somewhere.  I thought that I might have left it at the SBS radio show, but my hubby said that the next day when I was home, I was whipping him lightly with it.  ;)

I'll be turning the salon into a dudgeon salon over the next few days for a private session on Monday and for the video on Thursday.


Now about the Too Hot for Hair Event:  we've got three models now.  1 for a bob, 1 for a head shave, and the other is open to anything -- pixie, flat top, or bald.  I'm leaning towards another hot baldie or flat top, but what do you think?  And I *highly* advise those who wish to attend to make a donation to attend August 3rd soon.  I keep getting asked how many people are coming, and since many people tend to wait to the last minute to sign up for things, attendance is looking pretty pitiful right now.  Honestly, this doesn't bother me, as we'll enjoy the company of those who attend and we'll still see the models get their haircut/head shave.  Prizes still will be given out, and even one to have someone to shave my head.  (Yes, I just had my head shaved on the 12th, but by August 3rd, I should have a bit of hair that needs shaving.  *wink*).  But some people only want to come if there's a bunch of people already coming.

As for the DVD, as I stated before, a donation of $25 gets you a free DVD copy of the models' haircuts/head shaves, when the DVD becomes available.  Since the DVD will have 3-4 models getting their haircut/head shave, when this DVD does become available, it will retail for $40 .  Two people, who can't make the event, paid the $25 anyway just for that DVD!  :)  That's fine with me.  I wish they could attend, but I understand if they can't.

The reason for this event is because so many people asked me to host one.  So I would appreciate it, if those who asked me to host one, to please attend.  Because if only a few show up, I won't host this event again.  I hope that people understand.

Countdown for the Too Hot for Hair Event:  17  days
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