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Here's a photo of Pauline - the gal who got a pixie:


Photos from the Sunday Bloody Sunday radio show where Trish and I did some hair coloring and haircutting on the guys can be found at:

Remember, if you like the radio show we did and the photos, please donate if you can.  It help keeps the show/radio network going.  :)


I *may* have some bald photos of me up tomorrow.  No promises though!

Today I was covered head to toe in silver body paint for a photo shoot.  That was fun.  It's been awhile since I did a body paint shoot.

A little change in the models for the Too Hot for Hair Event.  Instead of Jenny Judebox getting a pixie, she has decided to be shaved bald instead.  So now I just need models for the pixie and flat top.
Tags: bodypaint, jennyjen, pauline, photo, sunday bloody sunday, too hot for hair event

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