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more, more, more!

I love garage sales!  There's this one house that has a garage sale every couple of years, and when they do, you better go!  I picked up a couple of 1950's comb-out capes - one yellow nylon and the other baby blue vinyl, a pink 1950's shampoo cape that uses metal hook closures, and several packages of brush rollers.  All of these, all in the original packaging.  

I also picked up some Zoto and Hess end paper wraps, both vintage as well.  There is a ton more hair stuff at this garage sale, so I told her that whatever is left, just make me an offer.  :)


As soon as I finish the family videos, I'll start working on the Pauline's long to pixie video.  She arrived with waist long hair, and left with a pixie.  She was a knock-out in a sexy red Poleci dress.

Well, back to work for me.  I'm in the year 1991 right now and need to finish with 1997.
Tags: capes, garage sale, pauline, video editing

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