haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

Heart of the City

From Sunday's July 6th newspaper:


This is one of my favorite comic strips:  Heart of the City by Mark Tatulli.

What girl hasn't done the same thing as Heart?  (She's the little girl in the strip.)  And how many guys (and gals) haven't secretly wished to try that out on someone real?  ;)


Yesterday I bought H10 Copper Red by L'Oreal Technique and the 30 Volume Oreor Cream developer.  The hair dye says that it's for "dark hair only" but when I am to listen to directions?  ;)  I'm not sure what it will do with my hair...with it just being bleached the other day, but if nothing else, I make a trip to the salon if I screw it up myself.  :D

Now I'm off to clean my shop and my place.  With me being gone most of the time, stuff really starts to pile up.

Tomorrow morning I have a video shoot.  A gal with waist long hair will be getting a pixie.  I'll try to finish up the family videos soon, so I can work on that video next.  I got two videos done today, but have a lot more to go.  I'll be extremely busy for the rest of the week.

Oh, I'll be dying my hair on Friday.  Head shave in on Saturday.  I did a photo shoot earlier today -- photographer wanted to get me one last time before I go bald.  I'm really going to miss my hair.  It's been fun.  But hey, I'll grow back in a year or two.
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