haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

last night at Sunday Bloody Sunday

Yawn, I'm insane to be up this early!  ;)

Last night was awesome, both KJ Dekker and Alucard received haircuts from us both, Trish & me.  KJ got his hair all funky with color, bleached, and then clippered down to stubble.  Alucard received a ball gag and other restraints.  Mistress Trish made sure that he was whipped nicely as well.  She used the straight-edge razor for the first time shaving his head, and shaved him like a pro.  

Webcam did work, (no, I do not have any webcam photos from it) and it was all caught on audio, and can be found at

(Not exactly work safe)

Photos were taken and will probably be up in their gallery within a week or so.  So be sure to check their site at

The DJs also shot some video of Trish removing my thigh high boots.  They may have gotten us both on there where we were grabbing each other's "girls", I don't know.  You'd either have to ask them or wait to see what they post on their site.

I also filmed everything.  :)

After the show, Trish enjoyed chatting with people on my webcam/chat room page on the HCF site.  You can hear me in the back ground, sometimes I took the mic and chatted too.  She asked me when can we do another live chat.  She said that Sundays and Mondays work best for her.  Her and I will do some talking and I'll keep you all updated.

One thing that surprised me last night is that people keep asking me (or her) when I'm going to get my hair cut or shaved bald.  From now on, if I already wrote about it here, I will NOT answer them.  Instead I'll just say that it's on my blog, so look it up.  Just be glad I can reach through the internet and whip you!  Trish is the one who handles the whip, but I don't think that I'm bad with it myself.  ;)

Now I'm off to clean up all my towels, aprons, cape, and other tools.

Oh!  I'll post a couple photos of me in a bikini and perm rods later today.  

And I just remembered that I forgot to give out prizes during the radio show last night.  Sorry!  I'll tell the guys to give them out next Sunday.  We got so busy with all the hair stuff, that we totally forgot.

Tags: chat, domme, head shave, my hair adventures, webcam

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