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hair in curls

My hair is full of curls.  I may brush them out a bit later as I've got a bit of "bed head" from sleeping on them.  Yesterday when I got my bleaching done at Carmen's, I brought some purple perm rods with me and she put them in my hair.  (Sorry, no video of any of this.)  The resulting style was amazing.  :)  

I wore the rods of out the salon and did my errands.  I wore them to a party where a couple of guys asked if they were fireworks in my hair, and if so, could they light them?  One woman asked if I was getting a perm done. 

After awhile, I excused myself and removed the perm rods, as by this time, they were in for at least 5 hours.  Going back to the party, many were surprised by my new look.  A gal asked if I had finally cut my hair.  :)  Nope, it's the curls were so close to my head, just the way I prefer them.  :)

Oh, it seems that I forgot to mention that also yesterday, right after I had the rods in, I did the bikini swimsuit shoot.  

And then, so because this seems to be quite popular, I turned on my video camera and sat under my Bonat hair dryer for nearly an hour.  

So now let's make a deal:  If at least 20 people listen in during the radio show tonight (you'll have to do a quick pop-in in the CONTACT page of the SBS site and say hi, I'll bug the photographer who took the photos of me, and get him to give me at least one photo early so I can post it Monday night.  :)  Info is in the previous journal entry.

I'll be leaving soon, so I won't have too much internet access until tomorrow afternoon/evening.

Enjoy the show tonight!
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