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Kat's Afro Perm VOD

Thank you for letting me know that the end part of the VOD of Kat's Afro Perm was missing!!!  I have started downloading the last three parts.  My sincere apologies for these parts not being there sooner!  They should be up by tonight.  I will email all those who purchased the VOD to make sure they know that there's more to this video that they need to download.


Today I visited Carmen's for my bleaching and a perm set.  I brought my purple perm rods so that I can go to the beach in my bikini while wearing them.  No perm solution was used, and no, no video was made of my salon visit, sorry.  Photos of me in a bikini and perm rods will be up within the next few weeks.

 Tomorrow, July 6th, at 7pm central/8pm eastern USA time, Trish and I will be on the Sunday Bloody Sunday radio show.

There will be hair talk, and Trish & I will be treating one DJ to a color and a haircut. Photos will be taken and probably put up in their
gallery, a video will be made, and (hopefully!) I'll get the web cam to work so that everyone can see it all played out in real time. We'll
use the web cam that is found here:

During the show, feel free to ask us gals questions by going to the SBS's contact page. There are a couple of IM chat boxes there.

A few prizes will be given away, so be sure to listen in!


In August, I will film my first male perm -- a guy getting a perm.  It'll take place at Carmen's.  Once the Too Hot for Hair Event is over, I'll start planning this shoot.  I just don't want to plan too much at once, or I'll forget having parts of a VOD! 
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