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quick updates

Don't worry about my hair, it will all be gone next Saturday, July 12th.  I'll go in for a bleaching tomorrow, and will have my hair dyed a brilliant red next week.  One of the highest bidders was choosen, and he chooses to cut my hair, set it, and then sheer me bald.  I will probably return the favor.  I'll be wearing the same corset lingerie outfit that you all saw in the auction ad.  If you did not see it, please ask someone to post it, as I have no idea where that photo is at the moment (and I really need to run!). 

The Too Hot for Hair Event -- I have 1 model confirmed for it already.  She'll be getting a modern bob.  Jenny Judebox (see OUR MODELS page), already has a sexy bob, and wants a pixie.  I *may* hire her as well, but priority are models with longer hair.

Video shoot next week:  hair to waist, cut into pixie.

Still busy with family video.  Must take care of that before editing on other hair videos.  I made a promise, and I gotta keep it!

I'm sure there's more to write, but I am forgetting.  My apologies.

Oh, thank you to Thomas for providing patent #'s for a couple perm machines.  More info on that under the HOW-TO MANUALS link.

Gotta run!  Everyone have a wonderful 4th of July.
Tags: head shave, perm machine, too hot for hair event

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