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video update

I thought I'd let everyone know of what I've been up to lately.  I'm about 1 hour and 20 minutes into the bridal updo and makeup video.  I hope to continue on it soon.

Plugs for my perm machine are being sent from Italy.  Once I have those, I can start cannibalizing my other perm machine so I can get the Silver Queen to work.  I will be its first victim, er...client.  lol  Seriously, it's going to be fine.  I've had several people ask me what the heck is the perm machine, and if I wasn't sure that it was some kind of torture device.  I will be using original perm machine waving solution, as I have a never-been-opened bottle of that stuff.  (A big thank you to Tracy for the bottle!)  I have a stylist who has agreed to work the perm machine.  I just need to start copying books so she knows how to run it and how the hair and all the rods, spacers, and etc are supposed to go.  I really ought to buy a copy machine!

August wasn't a good month for filming videos; I've had all my videos postponed or people didn't show.  We're trying to work out schedule details and locations so that September will be an awesome month.  :)

This month's issue, August/September 2007, of Reminisce magazine is a goodie.  The front cover shows a dad cutting the hair of his screaming child.  Inside are also vintage photos of a gal putting in curlers, an old ad for shaving cream, and haircutting stories.  Yep, another hair issue!  It's much fun looking back into the 1920's to 1960's seeing how the hairstyles and hair lengths changed over the years.  I hope to focus some of the videos on the older, classic styles.

Tags: perm machine, reminisce magazine, windup video

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