haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

hair under net

Last night my hubby shaved my nape and then pin curled my hair.  For his first hair setting attempt, I think that he did quite well.  He netted it and I slept with all the pin curl clips.  I was surprised to see that everything was still intact when I woke up!  :)

 Yes, he learned how enjoyable setting my hair could be.  Of course, I was a bit naughty and would stick the clips in the breast pockets of my satin blouse, on top of my stockings, and other places where he would have to retrieve them.  ;)

Once he wakes up, I'll have him remove the net and all of the clips.  I'll be covered only in the burgendy satin sheet.  

We both are curious on how my hair will turn out.  

Oh, and yes, we did film this...not the nape shave though as this was done while I was taking a shower.  I hope no one minds the kissing and touching throughout the video.  

I really enjoyed his hands in my hair.  It's almost a shame that I'll be shaved bald in 6 days.  

But hair grows back.  :)

Wow, tomorrow at 1 pm ends the head shaving auction!  This will be fun to plan.  I'm excited about that, wondering what the bidder will do to me.  :D

Before I forget, I finished making the gift bags for the Too Hot for Hair event yesterday. 
Tags: my hair adventures, pincurls, too hot for hair event

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