haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

photo from my bridal updo video

I'm now about 30 minutes into this video.  So far there's a lot of whole scene footage.  

This photo comes from the part where I'm about to be put under the dryer.  :)  The stylist just finished putting in the curlers, and I'm turning around in the chair to check it out.  And I'm thinking, how are these curlers going to transform my hair into that bridal updo photo?

And it did come out beautifully.  I was very happy that I had enough hair.  The last time I had shaved my head was July 26th, 2006.  By early June, it wasn't a full year yet. 

Now that it is August, I can already put my hair into a ponytail!  I love it.  I put my hair up last night before I went out and it looked great.  :)

Tags: bridal updo, photo

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