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Gisella came in for a spiral perm today at Carmen's Creative Hairstyling salon.  She wore black fishnet stocking, platform heels, short jean skirt, and a purple high collared ruffled blouse.  She was quickly covered with a pink satin gown and white sheer cape.  Perm rods of green, peach, orange, and purple were soon covered with foam perm solution.  Under the dryer, she kicked off her shoes, for further relaxation.  Her red painted nails could be seen through the stockings.    The perm rods revealed beautiful curled tresses, which were brushed out. 

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that a couple of inches were snipped, as Gisella asked for a shoulder-length cut.

A photo or two will be posted on this blog within a day or two.  I'll have to delete some footage from my computer to make room for Gisella's video.


About my phone number and text messages:  I've been meaning to write about this for awhile now.  Some people want my phone number so badly that they'll pretend to be a model or stylist or barber to get it.  Please, there is a much easier way to get it without wasting my time.  My phone number is the customer service number that is always listed when you buy a DVD.  Simple.  :)  I just ask that you keep calls to a minimum, and that I do not accept calls after 7 pm (19:00) central USA time.  

If you call at a time where I'm just too busy to talk, I will let you know.  But please don't be offended.  Just try to call again later.

My caller id does not always work.  So if leaving a message, leave your number twice.  And do so slowly.  If I have to listen more than 2x, I'll just delete the message.

If you are outside the USA, I will not call back as my cell phone carrier charges me $2.00+ per minute to make calls outside the USA.  I can receive calls without additional charges (besides minutes used). 

I am unable to accept text messages.  My son loves to play with my phone so imagine my surprise when I saw my phone bill!  Internet access and text message capability was removed immediately.  

Also, I didn't like getting text messages that just said "hello."  Yes, hi, but what?

Thanks for understanding!  :D

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