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last night at Ground Zero

Last night, after picking up Trish and my male friend, Steve, we parked my car and walked to the Ground Zero night club.  Although there was a brief storm earlier in the day, the night was still hot and humid.  We entered the dark, foggy club, ordered drinks and start down to chat as the live band began to play.  Trish and I began to tease our guest about upcoming session that we had planned.  All he knew was that he was going to get a haircut...and that he wanted his shirt to remain intact when I was through with him.  (Last time he visited me, I tied him up to my barberchair, and cut his shirt to pieces before sheering him bald.  -- Photos of this can be found on the website).

Looking wisfully at the upstairs, I asked security about moving my little party there until we go on stage.  Given the okay, we made our way upstairs, and Trish and I showed Steve the S&M area, complete with bondage chair and hanging rack.  Noticing that Steve was holding onto the handing rack, I told him to take off his shirt.  He saw Trish holding the rubber whip, and he knew that he better obey.  Trish started softly and slowly on his back at first, toying with him.  Then smack, smack, smack!

Well, let's skip to the part that you actually want to hear.  :)  Trish & my name was called, and the dim stage light up, showing off a single chair.  Pushing Steve down into the seat, I removed his shirt, and Trish held out a neck & arm restraint.  I collared him while she brought his arms behind his back so I could cuff him.  She handed me a pink cape and my portable clippers.  (Oh, did I forget to mention that she helped me out of my satin skirt, to show off my string thong?)  

I clippered Steve as I sat in his lap.  Trish used the whip on him again.  His hair fell all around on stage, after first hitting the pink shampoo cape.  During the haircutting, Trish would alternate between the rubber whip and my duster...which she used as a whip after first gently brushing off the fallen hairs.

Once finished, I handed Steve the duster and a black bag to clean up the stage.  Obviously it would be rude to leave the stage dirty.  Steve did a fine job.  And the audience enjoyed the show.  

If there is enough interest, Trish and I *may* do further sessions at Ground Zero on Saturday nights.  But I'd have to check with management to get their okay first.
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