haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

got me twice, fool on me

Yes, I'm from the midwest, so I tend to believe people, and believe in "innocent until proven guilty".  So yes, a couple of times when someone told me that they sent cash, but I never received it, I was nice to send out the videos anyway.  But starting yesterday, a guy claimed to have made a large order with paypal, which I never got an email from paypal, nor was the order in my paypal account.  I asked the guy if he ordered it manually, thinking that maybe he got my email address wrong, but instead of answering, he told me to send him his videos.  I asked him more questions and provided him twice with paypal's phone number, but he ignored those too.  I decided to contact paypal to see if something was wrong.  There wasn't.

I contacted a hair producer, since his website was brought up in this guy's email.  He claimed that this website was giving away samples of my work.  The producer told me a similar story of what happened to him.  

For shame!  For those who try to get freebies from websites, shame on you!  While you may think you're not harming anyone, let me tell you that there's still a cost to the producer:  packaging costs, postage costs, DVD/CD costs, gas to go to the post office, and time.  You may think that we can just write it off on our taxes as a loss, but only a percentage gets deducted.

Because of this, I'm sorry, I'm no longer going to be able to accept cash from new customers.  Those who send money orders, please make a copy of it.  If the order really does get lost, I will ask for that copy, and I will check into it to make sure that it is the real thing.

This is truly sad.  Has it really come to this?  I have contacted paypal to let them know what's going on.  Saying you ordered when you didn't, just to get free videos is fraud.  

Other hair video producers have been notified.

I really hope that this does NOT happen again.  I don't like all the negativity that goes along with it. 

Tags: fraud

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