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afro perm

I was just thinking, and I'm sure that most of you know this, that usually for any video  that I film, I *always* list the film date on my yahoo group

As you see, I had my afro perm done on April 3rd.  I usually list the filmed videos a day or two after on the yahoo group.  So people have known about my afro perm since April.  :)

Speaking of my afro perm, I'm now at 2 hours.  Yes, I know, I'm sure making progress!  :D  My goal is to finish it by the end of June so I can start on the variocurler video.  Super cool. 

My trip to Canada has been canceled.  It always works out for the best.  There's a Star Wars event here in Minneapolis that my hubby wants to attend!  lol.  Men can sure be cute.  I'll be going with.  Since he'll be pincurling my hair, I'll attend this event with him.  Just fair.  :)

Since I'm not going on my trip, I'll have that week open.  This way if the winning bidder can't do the 5th, there should be another day that will work.  


lol, okay, I just started to think of that Friend's espisode where Rachel got her hair done as Princess Leia....I wonder if I have enough hair to do my hair in the same style!  ;)
Tags: afro perm, star wars, video editing

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