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questions about the head shaving auction

I received this lovely email today:

Okay! I am kind of confused. You made a staement on your site that "if the high bidder (for your head shave auction) did not want to see me in an Afro and the winner did not want to shave an Afro, they would not have to. You would respect the wish." You would not get an Afro.
Yet you have started a video of you getting an Afro perm? YES or NO?

I honestly think that you have decieved your fans and LIED. I am sorry but I have been following the bids. And your remarks to your blog.
Can you please tell us? If someone bid $10,000 and demanded you get the Afro relaxed to your normal cut, would you do it? Even if the person had to pay to come to Minnisota to do it?

Here is my response:

I'm sorry, but I think you are misunderstanding me.  The afro perm that I did get, I got a few months ago.  Perms can only be done 1x every 3 months.  I would have gotten another afro perm the day before or the day of the head shave...if the winner bidder is okay with that.

If I get another perm, I CANNOT relax it as my hair would break and I'd be bald.  This would be no fun for the winning bidder.

My hair is wavy as seen in my web cam photo.  Anybody keeping up to date on my blog would know the current state of my hair.

If someone wanted my hair straight for the head shave, that's not a problem.

My head shave video shoot takes place in Minneapolis, I believe I stated that.  If the winning bidder has to pay to come here, he/she would have to take care of that expense themselves.  I thought that was obvious, but maybe I'm wrong.

To make sure that everyone understands, I will post this entire email in my blog, minus your name and email address.

BTW: I do not appreciate being told that I lied or was deceiving anyone.  With a bit more research (by reading my blog), you would have found all the answers to your questions.  A polite email would have also worked.

To make things more clear, my hair CONSTANTLY grows.  My hair is longer than in the photo.  I hope that no one expects me to cut my hair to be into the same bob in the photo for the video shoot.  I would hope that extra hair means extra fun.  :)

So, I'll be posting a current photo of me in my blog.  I'll change the photo in the auction too.  If the bidders want to back out, they can, that's not a problem.  I'll send every bidder a current photo of me too, and ask if they want their bid to remain.




This email almost makes me just want to cancel the auction.  I just don't like being accused of things.  

This photo was taken last week.  You'll see the current state of my hair.  As you see, it's NOT an afro when dried or wet.  Perms fall out of my hair fast.  Dry brushing though, will fluff up my hair huge.

(Cllick on the photo to make it larger.)

Edited to add:  I didn't think that getting an afro perm a few months back was going to matter since I was planning on re-doing my afro perm for the head shaving.  The only reason I had said that the afro perm is optional now is because of MANY emails requesting that I do NOT get an afro for the shaving -- they didn't want to shave an afro.  I have, once again, tried to please everyone and failed.  For that I apologize. 

Anyway, I will happily answer questions when they are not insulting.

This weekend, I'll take a better photo, but this photo is all I have right now.

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