haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

works well with music

 I'm still editng the afro perm video, and am at 50 minutes now.  I stay more focused when I have music playing in the background.  I have my open on the other computer while I work.  The player there starts and runs automatically.  :)

This summer is keeping me very busy.  On Friday, Mistress Trish and I will be taking my male friend to the Ground Zero night club for a special haircut (since he reads my journal, I can't state what exactly he'll get).  The session starts around 12:30 am on the 20th, so for those who'd like to watch, come and join the crowd!  We'll be on the stage on the west-side, the one with a dancing pole.  You won't want to miss this.  :D

15 4th St. NE
Minneapolis, MN

This Saturday, my hubby will shave my nape and try giving me some pincurls.  :)  (Finally!)

This Sunday, I'll be filming a spiral perm video at Carmen's.  

Next week I'm booked with family & friend stuff.  :D

Oh, if you want to keep up on my events, check out the calendar section of

BTW: I *may* be traveling to Canada early July.

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