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information time!

head shave countdown:  22 days

countdown to the head shave auction:  17 days

Sorry, no webcam for this morning's bob to buzzcut video.  I am capturing that footage to my computer and will be editing it soon.  Karissah looks amazing in her buzzcut.  She wore a sexy, short black dress for her haircut.  

It always surprises me how much hair ends up on the b&w checkard board floor.  Her hair was a blonde as mine!

Back to the webcam business - for the Sunday Bloody Sunday show, I will be bringing my webcam.  So on that day, you'll need to have multiple windows/tabs open, so you can listen and watch the show.  I just hope that the webcam will work!  It's going to be a fun night.

Now for the night club event on the 20th of next week.  I got one okay, and am waiting for the other.  There's another show going on that night, and I'm trying to see if they can squeeze me, Mistress Trish, and our male friend in.  So for those who will be in Minneapolis that night, keep that night open and join us!  More info once I get the okay.  It'll be a sheering good time.  ;)

Oh, as for me chatting in the HCF chat room, I'm soooo sorry.  I'm busier now more than ever, so I don't have time to chat in the mornings like I used to.  Let me find my summer groove and I'll let you all know when I'm available for chatting.  Maybe I'll do a weekly thing.  Give me some time, and I'll think about it.  


Yesterday I got my Oster 76 clippers fixed.  :)  Now I know how to fix them too if this should ever happen again.  

I'll start charging my cordless Andis clippers next week.  I bought the supplies that I needed for both the Sunday Bloody Sunday show and for the 20th of this month.  I'm eager and excited...and best of all, Mistress Trish will be there for both!  

My gosh, Mistress Trish is so strict and demanding.  (I love it).  Any of those wanting this type of haircut in my place really ought to get it done by her.  Oh, and she can be available at scheduled haircutting sessions.  I know some have asked about this, or about having a gal watch the haircut.  She'll make sure that I do a proper job.  ;)

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