haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

videos coming soon

Tomorrow I will be filming a buzzcut.  The model is going from a bob to a more practical cut for summer.  :)  Once finished, I'll edit that right away.  

My salon is now ready for that shoot.  I finished cleaning up after my session with a client yesterday.  I do need to fix my Oster 76 clippers though.  I accidently broke the blade off when trying to remove the guard.  Luckily I have another pair handy.

I may or may not have the webcam on for tomorrow's shoot at 9:30 am.  I'll have to ask as I'm just the camera person & shop owner for this video.

Within a couple of months, my friend is sending me some footage of a woman getting a mohawk and then shaving it all off.  I promised him that once I get it, I'll edit it and put it on the HCF site right away.

My girlfriend, whom I'm just going to start referrring to as Mistress Trish, and I have plans for a male client of mine next Friday.  I'm trying to work something out with a Minneapolis club.  If it works out, I'll state when and where, and you can watch the fun...and see the hot outfit I'll be wearing.  Trust me, you won't want to miss it.  ;)

Oh, edited to add:  I'm looking for someone to wrap my hair on a Sunday in June.  I'd like to do a beach shoot with me wearing the perm rods/rollers.  After the wrap, please feel free to come with us to the beach and watch me model.  Send me an email directly.  Serious inquires only!

Tags: bald, bob, buzz cut, mohawk, repair, session, trish

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