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Over the weekend, the rain stopped for a bit, so I thought it best to spend some time outside.  I had my hubby take a seat in the warm sunshine and plugged in my Oster 76 Lite clippers.  I snapped on a #2 (1/4") guard and began buzzing him all over.  Once the majority of his hair rested on the grass and in his lap, I removed the guard and cleaned up his nape and sideburns.  Without the guard, the blade is a #000000 -- supposedly the closest you can get without a razor.

Sometime this week, I'll work on the double halo preview clip.  I just finished pulling photos from the video earlier today.  I'm now back to capturing the afro perm footage.  I'll probably get that finished tomorrow.

My salon needs to be cleaned up; my mop is waiting.  I may get to that later today...and if I do, I'll turn on my webcam.  :) 

26 days until I'm bald.
Tags: my hair adventures, video editing, webcam

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