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things to come

During my kitchen floor mopping and running errands, I have began capturing the afro perm with the wooden rods footage.  I wasn't planning on starting it so soon as I wanted to finish the halo perm video first, but I was persuaded.   A photo from it will probably be up tomorrow.

I'm nearly finished editing the double halo video.  I just need to watch it and add credits and such.  It might be released later this summer.

Yesterday, I had to create 200 DVD copies for my son's school, so that kept me busy most of the day.  They are very happy with the way the video turned out.  

Something special to come:  Every other week or so, I send off a few strands of my hair to be analyzed.  Scans will soon be posted here (or on my website, I haven't decided where yet) to show the changes my hair goes through from hair treatments, chemicals, and diet.  Due to this analysis, I have learned that my hair grows 9" a year.  So those who send me emails begging me to "please don't shave your head!", don't worry, my hair will be long again soon enough.  :)
Tags: afro perm, double halo, hair analysis, video editing

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