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Trish Highlighting Kat's Hair video is now available

See the latest video and photos of Trish highlighting Kat's hair blue and pink, and Kat putting Trish's hair in rollers, at


I thought that I would pass along this info, as they are our sponsor for the Too Hot for Hair Event:

Receive a $25 American Express Gift Card FREE

M&M Products Company is always working on developing new products to meet the needs of our consumers.

We are excited about our products in development and need input. Who better to give us their opinions? Our customers! Some products that we need testers for include the following criteria:

  1. Women who experience skin irritation due to shaving, waxing, threading, or electrolysis, who may or may not use our Bump Patrol.
  2. Moms who have trouble or issues combing their little girl's hair, either wet or dry, due to tangles and knots in their little girls hair.
  3. Women or girls who need a weekly deep conditioner.
  4. Women or girls who have dry, brittle hair.

If you feel that you are a candidate for one or more of these products, email me at with the type of condition you or your little girl are experiencing. If you are a good candidate and complete the two to three week testing period of the product and survey, you will receive a $25 American Express gift card.

Visit our website at for more information about our current products.

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