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still working

Yesterday I began converting an old laundry tub into a shampoo sink.  When I was nearly finished, I realized that it might have been cool to video tape it -- a petite woman tearing away at the plastic with a massive Borsch hammer drill, on full power.  Bits of ivory colored plastic flying everywhere.  Yes, that would have been a sight to see.  :)

I started to attach the wooden base when I realized that my measurements were a little off.  I'll have to do some cutting and sanding today.

As of this morning, I'm about 20 minutes into the bridal updo video.  The wedding was nearly right after my hair appointment.  I didn't think I was that nervous about the wedding until seeing me in this video.  I can see that my thoughts are elsewhere than what's going on.    :)~  So note to self -- never film a bride's updo before her wedding!

Oh, I need to say this, I love it when people comment in my journal, but can we please keep it PG?  Both my website and this journal are open to anyone of any age.  I would really appreciate it if the more adult comments weren't made here (if you want to write them, then email me directly).  Thank you!  *hugs*

I may be filming a barbershop video on Monday.  Next Saturday is a shampoo and color video.  I have many more videos in the works too.  Yesterday I purchased a kid's cape as someone requested to see that. 

Well, back to work for me!  I still want to post some photos soon.  I just need to find them first.  :)

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