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fun little giveaways

The other day I ran across a small box of little never-been-opened packages of Rexall Fast End Papers for Home Permanents.  Since I have sooo many old endpapers already, I think this would make a fun giveaway to those who order perm/curler DVDs from me.  After these are gone, maybe the old wooden perm rods with the string strap will be next.  :)


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Aug. 14th, 2007 08:06 am (UTC)
Rexall Fast
HI KAT, I read your give away with the Rexall Fast end papers. From ages 5-11 yrs, (I'm 57),as a boy,my mother gave me many different home permanents,every 2-3 months to my short blonde hair, set my hair with pin/clip curls, rollers in various styles from the owner of the beauty shop she took me to for 5 years. My mom gave and got home permanents and also salon waves, but I never had a professional wave, although I spent lots of times under the blasting hot dryer, sometimes squeezed in between old ladies. There was probably never one week that went by when somebody, my mother, neighbors, church members, my grandmother or me, were getting at permanent at our house. Although she preferred Toni, for herself and those that didnt have preferences, she favored Tonette for me; my neighbor liked Lilt for herself, so pushed Lilt Party Curl for me; my grandmother
purchased Nutri-Tonic Silver Gray for herself and picked N-T "for the little sweethearts" for me; Rexall Fast was a budget permanent when we had little money, and the "little girls" was given my hair, probably more often. Richard Hudnut Children's Quick was an earlier home permanent. All of my permanents until age 9, required wearing the curler rods all day or all night and then my hair would be set in pincurls or a combination of clips and rollers till the end. Because my mom had a quirk about using heat with my hair, I spent nearly every day/night with my hair set drying naturally, as I stayed mostly indoors, playing records, doing homework, watching tv, while my older brother by 3 years, who never had any curling done to his hair, played with kids in the neighborhood just outside our front window, as I bitterly complained and felt sorry for myself.

I found it quite interesting that you were able to get the Rexall end papers, as few people remember the Rexall or other home permanents. Most women who were girls find TONI as a kind of 'generic' permanent, some remembering clearly the Tonette name, but as I have with similarities, the waving lotion caused me to sneeze, or my nose ran, I coughed, had difficulties breathing, and fought desperately each session, which were day or night long events. As you can see, Iremember clearly these details that were confusing and impressionable on me.
Aug. 14th, 2007 10:12 am (UTC)
Re: Rexall Fast
Thank you for sharing your experience with me. I oftened wondered how hair was set/permed back when home permanents because popular. I can understand why this made such a lasting impression on you!

It reminds me of what my aunt had to go through getting her hair done by a perm machine. Her mother would force her to get a perm. My aunt hated sitting there for hours, baking under the heat and sitting in the "awful smelly" perm solution. If she moved, she was sometimes burned from one of the clamps. (She says she still has a scar today). She said the stylist would look at her hair, say 15 more minutes, and dose her head with water, creating more frightening steam.

She says her hair never took a curl and to this day, nothing can be done with her hair.
Aug. 14th, 2007 08:11 am (UTC)
Rexall fast
Eventually, in high school, having been freed from curlers when my dad came home, I was given my first salon wave, and NO CURL body wave! It tremendously changed my hair, with body, volume and with roller set, great hold and styling. I still have night mares from those early years, which with sexual maturation, have caused both delight and torment in remembering incidents from that past. But my hated enemy TONETTE, has now become my ICON and my signature. THANKS SO MUCH TONETTE
Aug. 15th, 2007 12:55 am (UTC)
MY home permanents
THANKS KAT! When I hear about girls just a bit older than I am, getting their hair permed with the machines, I have to thank my stars that things could have been much worse. Although I've written to a number of guys who have heard or expirenced hair sets or a permanent growing up, most have said they would have given their two right arms and 4 left feet to have exchanged places with me. I never wanted it, I never enjoyed it, I never asked for it, and I never 'secretly' loved the feeling of the girlishness, sissy, or embarrassment or humiliation that I felt during those five years. As bad as it was, with my hair set after school and certainly before bed, I have often said my mother didnt try to put me into a dress, didnt try to give me girlish hairstyles, (other than modified), put ribbons or bows into my hair, but the restrictions regarding what she was doing to my hair eventually 'gender bent' me socially and my ignorance with girls and the differences between boys, was 1950's mentality.

For example, if a permanent was given to me on Friday after school, my hair would be washed (Halo or Luster Creme shampoo), in the kitchen sink,-(I'll skip the details), winding would be slow and very B O R I N G, (as it always was, My mother seemed to have all the time in the world, and although my concept of time wasnt mature, it felt like hours), with my next door neighbor helping or just eating while she watched, handing the papers, curlers(which were a combination of Spin curlers, and other rods from other permanents, including professional rods, some with straps, some with rubber bands), all colors. Winding very neat, very slow, very painful.
The curlers would break, the straps would come off, the rubber bands broke, the end papers would mat, tear, and be dropped or thrown to the floor. An old sheet would cover me, and my neck with a clothes pin. I would often have ants in my pants, unable to sit still, move constantly, she'd pull a section of my hair, I'd jump, yell and she'd loose the section and hit my scalp with her rat tail comb and start again. Sometimes my neighbor, who might come in late, would have her rewind entire sections of my hair. Although I have found directions have shown to wind sections of hair while using the lotion, I have reason to believe the Owner of the beauty shop, gave my mom instructions to wind my hair totally with water and then use the waving lotion after.
We would have dinner after my hair was fully wound. After clean up, sitting again on the stool in the kitchen, she would pour half the pinkish lotion into the blue bowl she used, soak cotton wads into it, applying it to my wound curls. The odor would instantly hit my nose in a rush of the horrid smelly stinky nauseus way. Starting at the top back and work down, my sides, crown and my bangs. I'd cry terribly every time, even after 5 years, no matter how I struggled with it, it was nearly always the same. Drips fell from the curlers, down my face, cheeks, ears, and was wiped off quickly and I usually held a wet rag tightly to my eyes. The burning sensation with my eyes, my nose clogging, and gagging. I struggled with the lotion application. Drips fell from the curlers down to the old newspapers spread around the stool on the floor. Eventually those would be soaked. Each refill home permanent kit was for 'medium' length hair length, longer hair would require another kit; with my shorter hair, my mother didnt seem to care and continued to apply the waving lotion until it was all gone, and on the 2nd application, after a 30? minute wait, I felt like a drowning dog, already soaked curls, being continually saturated, drips flowing off my curlers to the floor.

With my head down, waiting the timing, I had to keep very still, until my curlers were finally rinised. At this point, after age 9, on a rotational basis, my curlers were 'neutralized', which meant more sitting time, and more sitting time for my hair to be roller set.
THANKS KAT (More to follow) TONETTE Curl9_boy@yahoo.com
Aug. 15th, 2007 01:32 am (UTC)
My home permanents 2
HI KAT! Continuing: Before age 9, all my permanents were 'self neutralizing', which required wearing the curler rods all day or night, my understanding for a period of 3-6 hours. With this method, after my curler rods were rinsed, plastic 'wave processing cap' would be placed on my head, which I called a "curler helmet", which was clear, see through, similar to a large ladies swim cap, with imprinted yellow daisies. A strap buckled under my chin, and I wore it all day or all night, even sleeping. Removal, the curler rods would still be slightly moist. I would wear the curler helmet all night and on Saturday after breakfast, the curler rods taken out, my hair rewet and using setting lotion(cheaper kinds), wind my hair into pincurls or rollers, my brother called me "SilverHead", from all the aluminum clips. Although she often used her portable pink bonnet dryer, she only let me use it in emergencies, so I spent the rest of Saturday in pincurls/rollers until dinner time, and she'd take them out and netted for bed. On Sunday, my hair would be combed out for Sunday school and Church. My mother was a magician preparing my hair, set for bed, using nets and tissue and double clips. I had no problem sleeping as women as girls often complained. Again, the consistency of setting my hair may have attributed. My mother always said I "needed" a permanent, Needed my hair curled, like a child "needing" glasses. That with my "blonde rats nest", she gave me the impression that I had "bad hair" and "needed" curling and always said that permanents made my hair softer and curled easier (setting my hair easier to wind), and looked better. My main problem is that I never understood what a permanent was, or what it was supposed to do for my hair. Thusly, it was the PROCESS of the permanent, and because at the time, did not know of boys or men, who were ever getting their hair curled, and that the permanents she gave me were for "Little Girls", that made me feel girlish, sissy and later termed feminizing rituals. Left me terribly embarrassed. Because I did not understand the permanent my mother saying "a permanent is just a smelly way of curling your hair." Those adult women who were given permanents from my mother, I could hardly see any difference. Other than my Grandmother who came to us looking like the witch from Disney's Snow White, and left after a permanent and roller sets, like a beautiful Princess. My mother telling me that if she didnt set my hair, I might as well wear a paper bag over my head as people would be very shocked. With a permanent on Friday, it might be Tuesday before she would set my hair again, and nightly after that, a permanent did NOT reduce or eliminate setting my hair. After my first permanent, my hair was given its curlier state, and pincurled at the beauty shop, from the Owner and directed for my mother to do me at home. I dont think she ever knew the extent. At age 7, we changed from our hair set appointments on Saturday daytime to night time private sessions with the owner who took my service personally. It reduced the prospects of being seen by other kids, usually waiting for their female relatives, seeing me, possibly not knowing I was a boy, but any girl in curlers was a fair target for most boys to joke or ridicule. Too, the stares of women, as I took up a dryer chair that they could have been in.
Aug. 15th, 2007 01:47 am (UTC)
MY home permanents 3
HI KAT: (Continuing) I didnt realize until years later that my permanents at home, coincided with our visits to the beauty shop, before and after a permanent, and cant give a appt schedule we followed. But at night, after school, with the shop closed, it was more relaxing and I wasnt in a constant state of fear.
As bad as the home permanents were and having my hair set in such a constant, even most girls didnt follow a schedule like my mother put Me through. But I realized years later that she could have given my permanents at intervals where my hair grew straighter and then curled to my laughing and teasing friends and bullies. As it was, we kept the hair doings as private as we could, but those my mother told, "just to see what it would do" for my hair, an excuse she used from myfirst permanent through5years. Few friends ever knew, and those that told me in high school, knew something had been done, but were never sure, and to the extent of say, beauty salon services. Some closer friends wondered why I couldnt come over to their houses to play and my brother had to make excuses for me, and why my hair looked different on Monday than it did on Friday. With the Neutralizing after and rotating age 9, I sometimes felt to just wear the curler rods all day instead of sitting further meaning still requiring my hair to be Set. I knew that 'neutralizing' meant further being 'grown up' and that the adult women didnt wear curler rods to bed. There were little differences between the brands of permanents given my hair and I remember the Rexall as being sometimes irritating, and with red rashes from the curler rods. Sometimes itchy scalp and hair that was tighter than normal and had to be coaxed out. With a Rexall Fast, it usually meant another permanent would be given me before the average 2-3 months. I always felt for years that my mother was trying to turn me into a girl, although she tried to always get my acceptance. I resisted less at age 10, when I realized that fighting constantly got us no where. I firmly tried to remain a boy, although my boyhood was strongly crushed in the curlers, I knew girls couldnt become PoliceMen, FireMen, MailMen,President or even join the Army. I look back and wonder why I fought so hard. I just never understood the differerences with girls and boys and felt terribly bad. THANKS SO MUCH KAT. TONETTE Curl9_boy@yahoo.com
Aug. 17th, 2007 01:12 am (UTC)
Re: MY home permanents 3
Dear Tonette,

I hope you don't feel bad now. There are plenty of men who get perms, and they look great with curls. Myself, I love it when a guy has very tight curls on top, and his slicked sides brushed out briefly.

Thank you again for sharing your story.


Aug. 18th, 2007 07:07 pm (UTC)
HIKAT! Thanks for your assurance. My last permanent was in a salon, 1976, because I had heard it was great for covering up loss of hair, which I blamed my mother on, from all the earlier curling, until I saw my male cousins, with the same male pattern baldness. Since then, I've just become an observer, and have done extensive research. I have my own 360 blog and have written incidents and expirences to share. Although often nightmarish, the memories are also very exciting and I can look at them as a by stander. I particularly love your YOU TUBE KAT REMOVING CURLERS in Her Bare Feet. Particularly erotic for me, I a dialysis patient, with End stage renal failure,(kidney failure) my sexual)systems no longer do the (male thing). I was trying to find a DVD but there seems to be no listing, and #7 Kat, shows various line errors when I click on the 'teaser'. THANKS SO MUCH!! TONETTE
Aug. 20th, 2007 10:13 pm (UTC)
Dear Tonette,

Please keep this journal PG-13. :)

Currently there isn't a DVD for the Kat Removing Curlers video, because I had posted the whole thing on youtube. But if you'd like to buy the DVD, I could get something ready on the site. :)

I am sorry to hear about your health. But the good thing is that you're still alive and trying to enjoy the most from life.

What is your 360 blog? I'm sure you've raised quite a bit of interest. :)

Thanks again!


Aug. 21st, 2007 12:03 am (UTC)
HI KAT! Thanks so much for your appreciation! I really 'fell in love' with your KAT REMOVES HER CURLERS, and you look so familiar, and although I've never seen you, other than with your hair with a different color or style, with other videos, you looked like you were doing this for me personally! I dont have Sound on my computer, so you 'mime' very well! I would truly love to have a DVD of it when you find the time. You look rather tired towards the end. Although you continue to smile and look very happy. As a boy, I've often told people that I found the setting and the permanents as very BORING. Very tedious, very slow. And I could think of thousands of things I'd have rather have been doing. Perhaps had it been approached to me in a more positive manner, I might not have resisted and fought so much. But as I think back to the 'way it was' with social attitudes and morals, I realize that Nothing could have 'made it easier' on me. I've written a more extensive background on my 360, which I find the best way is to just tell people to Google search: TONETTE HOME PERMANENT and my TONETTE 360 BLOG comes up numerous times. Also Google searching CURL9_BOY too,will bring you to my 360 site. Start at Oct 06, from my first and it will give you an overall, and then I began to relate incidents while posting various non-personal pictures of styles and sets. THANKS KAT! TONETTE
Aug. 22nd, 2007 08:41 pm (UTC)
Dear Tonette,

I just finished the DVD today, and it will be made public this Friday. But you and anyone else reading this blog can have access "through the backdoor" so to speak, at


I'll be taking a look at your blog soon. :)

Thanks and best wishes!

Aug. 23rd, 2007 12:59 am (UTC)
THANKS SO MUCH KAT! I ordered it already! Thanks again for your kindness,and let me know when you are able to access my Blog. I have a true story titled UNWELCOME VISITOR May 9-07, of a friend of mine who came over to my house and found me getting a permanent, and how we both coped that day. Just a one of a number of incidents and happenings that came by way during those years. THANKS SO MUCH TONETTE
Aug. 23rd, 2007 02:25 am (UTC)
You're welcome, Tonette. You'll also be getting my last package of Rexall end wraps. :)

I added you as a friend on the Yahoo 360, but I have yet to read some entries. I'll try to do so tonight.


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