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men with perms

Since it may be awhile before I film a man getting a perm, here are some links to guys with perm and roller sets:


One of the things that I've been doing lately is watching B&W movies from the 1930s.  I have really become addicted to them!  A Virgin in Hollywood (1948) is perfect for those curious about pin-up photography and retro undergarments and swim suits.  Red-Headed Woman (1932) has a few beauty shop scenes.  In one, the leading actress gets a facial.  In that scene, a perm machine can be seen in the corner -- and you should have seen me watching it, I was like, use it!  Use the machine!   :D

Baby Face (1933) has some of the most gorgeous hairstyles that I've seen, all done with perm machines, pincurls, and finger waves.  (These methods are not shown).

I'm not yet finished watching Waterloo Bridge (1931), but from watching it, I've been asking my husband to grow out his hair so I could cut it and give him the debonaire hairstyle that I've seen "Roy" wear.  My goodness, I never thought I'd go gaga over any one hairstyle before!
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