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Minneapolis bridge collapsed

Thank you to everyone who sent emails asking if I was okay.  For those who haven't heard, a major bridge here in Minneapolis collapsed yesterday during rush hour.  Several people have been killed and many, many more injured.  It is a tragic event, especially for the children who are going through this.  But in my opinion, it could have been worse -- more people could have been killed.  (Part of the bridge was closed off due to construction.  If it was open, I hate to think how many more people would have gotten hurt).

My mother also tried to call me on my cell phone for nearly an hour yesterday.  Luckily, her number showed up on my cell.   I used a landline to call her back, otherwise she would have been extremely worried!  Everyone who I know was not on the bridge when that happened.  I have traveled across that bridge many times, looking out to the river (or at all the cars since the bridge was rather wide!), so I can only imagine the terror when the bridge collapsed and fell many feet below.  

In other news, I am about 5 minutes into the bridal hair video.
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