haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

barber pole

Tomorrow I'll be able to give my barber pole jar a clear coat.  I bought a vintage jar last year, one of those tall, thin candy jars that would have once held licorce whips or long lolipop sticks.  It sat hidden away until I started cleaning out my salon.  Taking it out of a corner, I wondered what I could use it for, and thought that it had the shape of a barber pole.  I have plenty of paint from my crafting days, so I began painting the jar white, then adding red stripes and chrome around the foot of the jar and the lid.  My paint job isn't perfect, but I think that it looks darling.  :)

I'll post a photo when finished.  

The video of me wearing the GE bonnet is nearly done.  I just need to listen and watch it, and then add the title pages, credits, and author the menu.  I *hope* to have it ready for this weekend.  Within the next few days, I should have the preview video ready.  I'll be listing the GE hair dryer used on eBay this weekend too.

Tags: barber pole, ebay, ge bonnet hair dryer

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