haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

VODs are good to go

You can now buy VODs again, if you wish. and Verotel say everything is fully functional on my end.  Any bookmarked pages may have to be re-bookmarked due to the server move.

A special thanks to my webguy for working hard on helping to get my site going again.  :) 


I've been slowly working on the bonnet video.  I'm at 11 minutes so far.  It *may* be around a 40 minute video of me under this dryer and drying my fingernails.  I love the dress that I wore for this video.  I plan on wearing it this summer, instead of donating the dress, like I usually do for clothes that appear in my films.  I just need matching shoes!  :D
Tags:, problem, verotel, vods

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