garage studio is being worked on!

Since it's not always easy to get a location for a video shoot, I've started turning part of my garage into a salon/barber studio. Due to the extreme heat for nearly two weeks, it's been a challenge to work in the garage for too long.

One of the first things that I did was buy an access panel for a weird cut out in some drywall. I had to finish cutting out the square first. After I did, I wondered what was so important behind this craptastic cut out. I put on some gloves, set up my camera phone, and captured what was behind the drywall piece.

TikTok by @katsurth

Behind some insulation, plastic, and mouse poop, was a cavern of cement blocks. It reminded me of a Minecraft cave, but all in gray.

After bringing in a plumber to see if I could add water pipes in the garage, he said that this area behind the metal door was to dump fireplace ash.

Yep, dump garage in the house for others to worry about later. Just like those razor blades in bathroom walls  :o

Here is what I've done so far — adding bead board to a blank wall.

Before photo
Before photo
Bead board being added!
Bead board being added!


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