I will shave my head for a million subscribers

Kat Surth getting her head shaved at the Chiseler Barbershop in 2012
Kat Surth getting her head shaved at the Chiseler Barbershop in 2012

During today's YouTube Live, someone suggested that my channel needed more subscribers. And it was suggested that I promise a new head shave video once my channel reaches a certain amount of subscribers. 

Okay, I'm game. I, Kat Surth, will shave my head once my channel hits one million subscribers. 

And I'll keep my head shaved for three months, posting a video every time I shave my head to keep it smooth. Not only will there be at home shavings, but at a barbershop shaving as well.

Because I know people can buy subscribers and bots, which is against YouTube's policy, the subscribers have to be real people. You can tell if the subscribers are real because the views on many videos will also have high view counts and the amount of people commenting on the video will be higher too.

After three months, if the subscriber total hasn't dropped, and the views are still quite high on other videos, I'll publish a new head shave video (not of me) every month after that. By that time, the money earned from YouTube will be put towards new models, owning my own barber shop, and cosmetology schooling for me, This way I'll be able to shoot more content and be able to take appointments from fans once I'm finished with cosmetology school.

This offer stands until September 30th, 2021, as I will need to start growing out my hair starting January 1st, 2022, so I have hair again for roller sets come summer. After this, and the sub total isn't a million by September 30th, I don't ever want to hear about subscriber counts again. (Or what it will take for me to shave my head again). XD

Some people seem to be surprised to learn that YouTube only pays me pennies per video. I have 365 videos on  and there already are several full length head shaving and hair cutting videos on there. I didn't always include the words, "full video" on them, but I will going forward, to make them easier to find. :)


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