My Unboxing Review of LVL Shave Co Neck Razor and Nape and Leg Shave!

After seeing an ad on Facebook for the LVL Shave Co Neck Razor a month or two ago, I bought  a starter kit (I don't remember the number of months of extra blades I  originally signed up for). As previous videos show, I suck at shaving my  nape all by myself - missing spots and uneven cutting. This LVL Shave  Co razor solves that issue with a little practice. I think I did a better job of shaving my nape in the shower than I did dry shaving.  I enjoyed my legs in the shower too. So instead of rinsing out one blade right away, I could just use the other blades, and then rinsed them all  at once.

 This razor saves me time, which I appreciate.  So, my final thoughts on my review of the LVL Shave Co Neck Razor? I  really like it. Since it hangs nicely in the shower, I'm not dodging a  razor that I set on the ledge. And since it hangs away from the water, I  don't have to worry about the blades rusting. And I find myself shaving  more, especially my nape.   If you'd like to try this razor yourself, LVL Shave Co is currently  offering (as of 3/9/2021) 30% off and free USA shipping when using my  affiliate link of    

LVL Shave Co has a YouTube channel at


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