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my head shaving story

Every so often, some asks me about my first head shaving experience.  This was posted on my first message board.  This message board has been archived, and is no longer posted on.

But since some people are not able to access this message board due to limits placed by some internet providers, I'll provide the story here.  This story was originally posted on February 22nd, 2004, 10:25am.

For three weeks I knew the exact day I would be getting my head shaved, and it was driving me crazy for not being able to tell anyone since the shave was going to be a surprise. Although it was probably a good thing since most of my family thought I was crazy to shave my head the first time! 

Everyday when I looked in the mirror while styling my hair, I thought how great it would be to run the clippers through my shoulder-length blonde hair again. The only way to stop myself from shaving my head was to make a count down of the days until the shoot. Many people had me promise to make a video of the next head shaving, so bound to that promise. Otherwise I would have chopped my hair off sooner. It's amazing how often hair gets in the way!

Finally it was the day of the video shoot. I was very excited, and I couldn't stop imaging the looks I would be getting from people. I love to be different, and I love the attention I get from being a bald woman. While it really freaks the hell out of some people, it attracts many of people to me! Heck, I can't even keep my own hands off my shaven head!

While I was waiting for my plane to leave, I ran my fingers through my hair thinking that I only have a few hours left in which my hair was still attached to my head. And also I began to think about what was in store for me at the video shoot. I didn't really know what was all going to take place other than I would be shaving my own head. Not knowing exactly what was going to happen was mysterious and very exciting. I couldn't wait. I kept wishing I was there already!

After the plane landed, I grabbed my stuff, and went out to find Curly of He was outside waiting to take me to the studio. We talked the entire way to the studio; he is a very cool guy.

Once at the studio, I emptied my suitcase to reveal all my modeling attire - different blouses, lingerie, dresses, and accessories. Quickly we set to work picking out outfits that I should wear for the "before" shots. I was happy that he was able to pick out the outfits because I was too wrapped up in my thoughts of what it was going to be like to be bald again!

After we finished with the "before" shots, it was time for a shower to wash my hair. As I was massaging my hair and head with shampoo, it hit me that THIS IS IT! This is the last time I will be washing my long hair. It felt kind of strange to be holding this hair that will be coming off within the hour. But I decided to have as much fun with it as I could. Previously I never allowed a hair-dryer near my hair for fear of split ends, but this time I enjoyed the hot air warming my body and drying my hair. It was fun to have the dryer blow the hair up in the air and watch the hair slowly fall back down.

Now it was time to shave my head, but there was a change of plans. Instead of a self-shave, Curly's wife, Apryl, was going to shave my head. What?! I was nervous. I have never had anyone else shave my head before, and I was always crossing my fingers at the salon that they don't screw up my hair. (And they do every time - they even turned parts of my hair purple once! But that's a story for another time).

Throughout the whole head shaving, I was cringing. I was just waiting for a knick or jab. (I used the same razor earlier on my coochie, and the thing bite me several times!) I felt the razor buzz everywhere on my head like a tiny vibrator. As pieces of hair fell to the ground, I felt the strands of hair tickle down my naked back. When she was finished, I was afraid to look. I hesitated to peer into the mirror. But when I did, I LOVED what I saw. Apryl did a great job. It still was a little odd to see my hair all piled on the floor; it looked like a battered wig. But the same time, it was every interesting seeing the different colors in my hair. I never really paid attention that each strand is just a slightly different shade than the rest.

Next shaving lather was rubbed on my head, and I was given a razor to shave my own head. This was a little tricky without being close to a mirror! I did end up with one little knick. Afterwards I took another hot shower to wash away any remaining hair and lather. The jets of hot water became liquid fingers that massaged my freshly shaven head. The shower felt great on my body.

Then after showering, I got dressed in different outfits to complete the film. Being shaven and showered, I felt like a new woman! It was nice not to have all that hair in the way. And I liked all the looks I got from men as I walked through the airport to my gate. It's fun to turn some heads!

Now as of today, I am quite surprised that no man has asked to touch my head. Several women have asked, and of course, I say yes. I can't even keep my own hands from my head. But I still enjoy the attention I get. It's so much fun being bald! 
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