Video release - Debbie's Extremely Long Hair to Boyish Pixie Transformation

After eight years of growing her hair long, a shy Debbie would like a more stylish, professional looking haircut. After talking about her hair, braiding it, and then showing off the length, Debbie steps to the salon chair with a new outfit to mark this transformation occasion, wearing satin and leather. In the chair, she is still undecided whether a bob or a pixie is best for her. James William, the stylist, discusses with her about these two cuts. He wraps a neck strip around her neck before covering her in a pink polyester salon cape. He brushes out her very long hair before putting it into a ponytail. Once the ponytail is secure, the hair is met by a hair cutting scissors. This cut is shown three times - once by each of the three video cameras - long shot, close up, and hand-held very close up. Her nervous heels tap the salon chair foot rest.

With the ponytail gone, Debbie feels the back of her head - the weight is gone! She is surprised by the lighter, springiness feeling of her hair. James wets her remaining hair with a spray bottle of water. He combs her hair back, ensuring all strands of hair have been coated with water before taking the scissors to start snipping away, creating the boyish pixie haircut. A guarded razor also helps to style this attractive hair cut.

James uses a portable electric clippers around her ears and nape. He dusts her nape with a cloth and then blow dries her hair. When the haircut is finished, Debbie admires her new look and holds her long ponytail. Debbie looks fantastic in her boyish pixie haircut.

Duration 54 minutes, screen size 1920 x 1080, format .wmv

Also included is all the hair play/display of Debbie's hair in a seperate video. Duration 24 minutes, screen size 1920 x 1080, format .wmv

You can buy the complete video at

Preview clip can be seen at

Photos from the video


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