how to make money selling your hair

During the last YouTube Live, I was receiving a lot of questions about how to sell one's hair. As I started to google which websites buy hair, I found an article on this topic that covered everything in full 

I believe that some of hair buying websites may charge a fee once the hair has been sold, which is fine as the website has operating expenses and credit card processing fees, if they handle the financial transaction on your behalf. But if you're looking to get straight cash with no fees taken out, you can search for people who buy hair (or who shoot videos of haircuts, although they probably will just toss the hair when the video/photo shoot is over). You'll often find these listings under the category Gigs. For example, here's my area's page

Gig page of
Gig page of

You can also create/post a listing under the For Sale area too. It's free. But when making deals online with anyone from Craigslist, follow the guidelines listed in the above article and always take someone with you, if it's an on-location shoot. And don't do anything until the money is in your hands.

You can also try Facebook Marketplace too. I've seen people posting looking for hair models in for sale groups from time to time. Good luck!


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