How can I ask my partner to shave her head or another specific haircut

I receive this question quite often, especially during the YouTube Livestreams. This answer comes from my FAQ, which you can find on

"How can I get my *wife/girlfriend to shave her head or another specific haircut?"

(*I'm going to use "partner" in the following article, as anyone should be free to try any hairstyle)

Yes, it can be scary to ask your partner to change their looks, but take heart that hair grows back and color can always be changed. And fair is fair, your partner just may ask you for a change for you too!

First, your partner is with you for a reason. They love who you are, so they will give your request some thought, even if they say no the first time you ask. Don't take this as a rejection, but as a seed that has been planted.

Second, watch a movie or tv show with your partner that features a character sporting the look that you like. After watching it a bit, or after the show is over, comment that the style you like looks really good. And while it looks good on that character, your partner would totally rock that style or would pull it off even better than the character. Then ask your partner, what do they think of the style. They might be shy to try it, or they might say yes right away. If they don't, gently ask why they don't think the style would work for them. Let them know that you love them and would support this look if they would like to try it. Either way, tell them that you love your partner no matter the style and find them beautiful and attractive. Once they have confidence and support from you, they are more likely to try a more dramatic hair style.


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