warning of hair dryers with asbestos

Someone noticed my love of old hair equipment and how I will use these things in videos and sent me a email warning me that some vintage and antique hair dryers can contain asbestos. I found a couple of websites detailing these dangers and which manufactures used asbestos in creating their lovely hair dryers.

The second and third link are the most important ones, in my opinion, as both lists model numbers of the offending hair dryers. I've copied and pasted the some of text from the articles below, just in case the article isn't accessible for everyone. 

A side note, for those curious, I own the following vintage dryers (I will confirm with the Consumer Product Safety Commission that these are safe)

  • Normandie Starline salon chair hair dryer, model number 22, serial number 47956, manufactured by Acme Engineers, Inc in Minneapolis, MN. Distributed by Gibbs & Co.
  • Dominion portable hard case hooded hair dryer, model 1850, serial number 68, manufactured by Dominion Electric Corporation (subsidiary of Scovill) in Mansfield, OH.  — I see it listed below, so I'll have to research it. Not going to use it until I know.
  • White Cross hand-held hair dryer, model 41, manufactured by National Stamping & Electric Works (Lindstrom Smith Company) in Chicago, IL.

Citation of article 

If you have any of the following vintage hand-held or hooded hair dryers, they are likely to contain asbestos. Visit the CPSC for more detailed information.

  • Conair Corp models: 0991 (Made in Hong Kong), 140V (Made in Hong Kong), 065 with serial numbers 1277, 0178, 0278, 0378, 0478, 0578, 0678. 
  • Dominion Division models: 3806Y Portable Hair Dryer, 3806P Portable Hair Dryer, 1841 Comb & Dry Hair Dresser, 3840 1000 Watt Gun Type Hair Dryer, 3850 Comb & Dry Hair Brush
  • General Electric Co. models: Pro Pistol models: PRO-1-5101-013-Power Pro; PRO-2-5108-005-Super Pro; PRO-3-5107-011-Pistol Pro; PRO-4-5109-001-Pro Dryer; PRO-5-5110-013-Power Pro; PRO-6-5112-005-Super Pro; PRO-10-5115-013-Power Turbo; PRO-11-5116-006-Super Turbo. Power Brush model, PB-1/5113/005; Styling Dryer SD-1/2; Styling Dryer SD-4/5101-013; Styling Comb STC-1/1A; Mist Styling Comb STC-2.
  • Gillette Co. models: Max THD-2; Max Plus THD-2A; Max for Men HD-3; Max HD-4; Supermax HD-5; Maxhatter AD-6. 
  • Hamilton Beach Division models: 458 Portable Hair Dryer with Mist Groomer attachment, 422 portable version of 479, 423 Groomer III Englishtown, 480 Pro 1200 Watt Hair Dryer, 434B Female Groomer with case, 433 Male Groomer with case, 432 Hot Comb, 479 Deluxe Blower Styler,
    425 Blower Styler
  • Indola
  • J.C. Penney Inc. models (listed by catalog lot number): 6623979 1000 watt pro dryer; 6622351 1000 watt rotary styler dryer; 6621197 1200 watt pro dryer; 6624290 1200 watt pro dryer; 6622518 1400 watt pro dryer; 6622526 1200 watt adjustable pro dryer; 6622435 1200 watt pro dryer, pro dryer or adjustable pro dryer.
  • Korvettes, Inc. models: HA 22m-1200 Watts; HA 2214-1400 Watts, HA 1214-1400 Watts.
  • La Reine
  • Montgomery Ward & Co. models: model numbers ending with 19361; 19363; 19367; 19368; 19369; 19373; 19374; 19375; 19382; 19387; 19388.
  • North American Philips Corp. models: HB-1700 Norelco 1000; HP-2600 Styler Dryer; HP-3600 Styler Dryer; HP-3600-1 Styler Dryer; HC-1107 Hot Comb.
  • Oster models:  202; 301; 302, and 370.
  • Remington
  • Salon Nelson
  • Schick, Inc. models: PD-1001; PD-1001-A; PD-1201.
  • Schwartzkopf
  • Scovill 
  • Sears Roebuck & Co. models: 253.6314; 253.6369; 253.6385; 253.8700; 253.8714; 253.8736; 253.8754; 253.8782; 253.8783; 253.6374; 253.6377; 253.8704; 320.6350; 320.8706. These numbers are permanently molded into the dryers' pistol grips.
  • Sunbeam
  • Suter
  • Wella

Consumers with questions about dryers not listed can contact the brand/company or contact the Consumer Product Safety Commission.


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